Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


18. Mother Naoki

Naoki was acting like a mother taking care of Satoru. "Naoki you don't have to take care of me...i..i... i'm fine.. i'll take care of myself" Satoru whimpered. Naoki shook his head "no you need me to take care of you because your too weak honey bun." Satoru frowned slightly, and yawned cutely. Naoki smiled and took Satoru's tempature. 180°..... Naoki blinked and picked up Satoru quickly. Satoru looked around confusedly. "Where are we going Naoki?" Satoru looked at him. "The hospital your tempature is way too high you're sicker then i thought. Naoki ran into the hospital hanging Satoru to doctors. Naoki sat in the waiting room nervously waiting for Satoru to come back out. Satoru was getting checked. "mr. Tono you'll have to stay over night" The docyer looked at Satoru. Satoru nodded and went to see Naoki. "So...whats up? " Nsoki looked at Satoru. Satoru then explained to Naoki.
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