Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


22. into town

Naoki and Satoru we're sitting in the cafe' looking at the menu. ''So Satoru what are you going to get?'' Naoki looked up from the red velvet menu. Satoru looked at Naoki and rubbed his eye ''Well...i was thinking about getting french toast..'' Satoru said shyly as he looked at Naoki. Naoki nodded and smiled ''sounds good..but i'm getting the Belgium waffles with with cherries on top.'' Naoki replied with a slight grin. ''That sounds really good Naoki'' Satoru smiled a bit as the waiter walked up ''may I take your order gentlemen?'' the waitor watched them both a bit. ''oh um i-'' Satoru was sharply cut off by Naoki ''he'll have the french toast with whip cream on top and strawberrie, and ill have the belgium waffle with cherries on top.'' Naoki looked at the waitor silently. The waitor nodded and walked off. ''Naoki why did you cut me off!'' Satoru raised his voice only slightly and pouted cutely as Naoki giggled a bit at him. ''Because..i'm the seme and your the uke but plus your so fucking adorable when you pout!!'' Naoki smirked a bit when he noticed that Satoru had blushed. ''Naoki...your making me blush'' Satoru a bit more as he sighed. Naoki giggled again. There waiter walked by putting down there food and coffee for Naoki and a glass of milk for Satoru. Satoru drooled a bit because he hadn't eaten for four days cause he didn't feel good at all. Naoki watched as Satoru began to eat the french toast that was drenched in maple syrup. The maple syrup dripped down Satoru's chin and Naoki had so many dirty thoughts flying through his head as he began to eat as well. When they finished there breakfest Naoki took Satoru back to the hotel room. ''you and me are going to be going to Philadelphia Satoru so..I wanted to celwbrate with you sweetie pie'' Naoki smiled slightly as he pushed Satoru down onto the bed taking off the sweater vest Satoru was wearing. Satoru blushed a bit as Naoki began to unbutton Satoru's dress shirt. Satoru flinched at the cold touch of Naoki's finger tip's squeezing his nipple. Naoki proceeded to to lick Satoru's nipple sending chills up Satoru's spine making him flinch again. Naoki took off his clothes then Satoru's. ''N..N...Naoki...'' Satoru whispered softly as Naoki then began to stroke Satoru's penis. Satoru slightly arched his back as Naoki stroaked faster and faster. ''Come on Satoru....tell me when to.get in you'' Naoki whidpered softly into Satoru's ear. '''' Satoru managed to whimpered out. Naoki then thrusted his penis into Satoru. Satoru jolted slightly as smll tears streamed down his face. ''d..d..deeper'' Naoki raised an ice brow at what Satoru said but went deeper at Satoru's request. ~2-3 hours later~ Satoru's body was aching so badly that it was hard for him to start his own bath. But he did it...Satoru was soaking in a cold bath, he felt over heated after the sex he had with Naoki. ''why do I always end up aching like crazy everytime Naoki puts me through pure plessure...Maybe it's cause he goes harder each time?..No..Naoki knows i'm fragile so why!?'' Satoru whispered a bit. Satoru began to wash his hair, as he rinsed his hair off he saw Naoki sitting there watching him. ''EHHH naoki why are you watching meee!!??'' Satoru got really nervous as he looked at Naoki. ''I wanted to see you naked again..'' Naoki looked at Satoru closely and saw bruises that he made on Satoru's lower back. ''Damn it again... I left bruises on you...I'm so sorry Satoru'' Naoki kissed Satoru gently and smiled. Satoru kissed back and smiled because he knew tomarrow they both would be leaving for phillie tomarrow.
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