Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


13. forgiveness

Naoki ran after Satoru quickly, and tackled him to the ground. " you..and You alone..; I just didnt want to hurt you by having sex with you because your special to me. And if i lost you I would hate myself Satoru." Naoki looked Satoru dead in the eye with a serious look. Naoki then french kissed Satoru for about 30 seconds then wiped his tears away. "So don't cray Satoru ok?" Naoki nodded at Satoru. Satoru nodded and smiled slightly. Naoki then got up and picked Satoru in his arms. "So baby please forgive me your my precious angel that fell to me from above" Naoki kissed Satorus cheek then he carried Satoru back to the hotel. When they got back to the hotel Naoki took Satoru to the hotel room, and layed Satoru on the bed. "So..Satoru...we gunna have make up sex" Naoki pinned Satoru to the bed and smirked. Satoru turned his face slightly, and blushed. Naoki kissed Satoru's neck while he reached his hand up Satoru's shirt, and squeezed his nipple. Satoru moaned softly. Naoki began to unbutton Satoru's shirt then licked all the way uo his chest. Satoru winced around while naoki began to take off both of there clothes. Satoru looked helpless when Naoki kissed his forehead while at the same time sticking his penis into Satoru. Satoru Maoned loudly and held onto the sheets on the bed as Naoki thrusted back and forth. "N..N..N..Naoki....I love you" Satoru slightly got out. "I love you too Satoru" Naoki kissed Satoru. Naoki then began to stroke Satoru's penis. Satoru breathed heavily, and closed his eyes in total pleasure. "N...N...Naoki...I...I'm...gunna..cum" Satoru jolted slightly as he cummed in Naoki's hand. Naoki smirked ever so slightly n licked his fingers. "mmm....tastes like you Satoru.." Naoki kissed satoru's forehead and smiled as he finished up. They fell asleep intwined in eachothers arms and legs perfectly in sync.
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