Awkward Jazz (16+)

This story is about Satoru Tono from awkward silence a yaoi and Naoki from a yaoi called jazz. Satoru never shows his emotions will he over this and confess that he loves naoki? find out in AWKWARD JAZZ


25. Back in Japan? Naoki in America!!

Satoru had just gotten off his flight to Japan, his heart felt heavy beating in his chest,everytime it beated it felt like more dread and disbelief he felt. When.he came out of tunnel he saw his mother waiting for him. Silently holding back tears of sadness ran to her and hugged her feeling safe and sound. ''mom....I had to leave Naoki in America'' Satoru sulked as he spoke in his mother's shoulder. She nodded in understanding feeling terrible for her sweet little boy who was dear to her heart, she could feel his miseary just from the way he whispered to her. ''let's just go home sweetie..'' hugging Satoru and pulling him along to her car. Satoru sat in the back of the car sulking. When they got home Satoru took a shower, and went to bed without another word to his mother. Meanwhile in America Naoki felt like something had died on the inside, without Satoru he felt as if he had no meaning in his life, and most of all like he wanted to die. That night Naoki went to the bar at the hotel he was living at and tried to drink away the memory of Satoru, and himself making love, being happy, basically everything they did with eachother. He got as drunk as he could but those memories stuck to his brain like the everlasting essence of Satoru was impervious to any mind numbing substance that Naoki could drink or even obtain in any way, shape, or form. When Naoki got back to his empty, and lonely hotel room he laid down in the enormous bed that one person shouldn't sleep alone in. Thinking more and more of Satoru's sweet, and small body made Naoki get a slight bonar. Shaking off the feeling of the bonar Naoki closed his eyes tightly taking a deep breath through his nostrils, smelling the perfume that Satoru would put on everyday. He let the smell engulf him in endless, sexual memories. Feeling his bonar stiffen more, he sighed knowing that those memories were long gone for good, or until Satoru or himself could go to Japan, or America. Naoki kept his eyes shut, and began to imagine Satoru was there sitting on his lap, reaching out to touch Satoru's hair the image disappeared at the touch of Naoki's hand. His eyes shot open, tears of regret and miseary flowing down his cheeks. ''God damn it! I want him in my arms, I want to feel his lips, his body, everything! Damn it I should of went with him back to Japan!'' gripping his hair tightly Naoki screamed with anger, and frustration kicking, flailing around, and throwing things around. Naoki curled up after his rage was out and began to cry, like he never cried before. He was too worried that Satoru would find somebody new to love, Naoki knew that the alcohol was most of the problem making him so upset. Waking up in Japan made Satoru want Naoki next to him, cuddling him, kissing his neck, or just in general making him blush like crazy! Shuffling down the steps the door bell rang loudly making Satoru's head hurt. Opening the door to find Naoki standing there with Satoru's favorite flowers....lilies in his hand dressed to the nines with his suite case smiling.
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