If I Cover My Eyes

Ana's life is turned upside down when her brother Jason leaves her family for an evil tyrant controlling the town. Will the recent tragic event bring everything to light? Ana doesn't think so. As she tries to move on, and live a normal life again she is haunted by what happened before. Why did he brother leave? And is that reason a good enought on for Ana to leave her self?


3. Chapter 3

I got up a little later than I had planed but Father had not left yet. I had slept on my arm so it hurt even more. I forced my self to get out of bed even thought it was somewhere near to four in the morning. I stood in the door way of the living room as Father put on his shoes. I waited. He turned around and saw me there.
        "Oh! Ana I didn't know you were awake."
        "Can I come with you Father?" I try not to look like a kid, but it didn't seem to work. He had a soft look on his face as he walked over to me.
        "The supermarket is no place for children." He said. He turned off the radio.  
        "But Father-" he turned. Now he looked mad.
        "Ana please! You're not coming with me and that's final." He picked up his bag and left out the door without turning back. I sighed. That went well. I walked back into my room where Abby still lay asleep. She should be getting up soon to go to work. I got dressed quickly. Mother should be getting up any second. I almost ran out the door. Outside it felt nice to feel the cool breeze on my face. You could say it was fall, but the temperature never really changes out here. I thought about going somewhere (which was against the rules) but decided against it. Instead I walked around to the back of our house where trees were growing. My favorite one to climb was biggest of them all. No leaves grew in the center so it was perfect to sit in and not be seen. I tried climbing it. With my broken arm it was close to impossible to climb this tree. I looked at the surrounding trees. One that was nearby could be easy to climb. Then I could 

 jump from the smaller one to the bigger. I walked over to the smaller one and shook it. Seemed stable enough to hold my weight. I started to climb it. It hurt to climb. But it was much easier to climb than the other tree. Once I had made it as far as I could go without the tree being at risk of breaking I half, I looked over at my tree. I had not climbed the tree from the inside, so now I would have to enter through the leaves. I found a foot hole to push off of. I looked at my tree and found a branch to land on. It was a little high, but I could make. I turned towards the tree. I took a deep breath, and jumped.


The branch came faster than I expected and not at shoulder level but at the level of my face. My arms still landed on the branch but my feet were know where near anything. The land knocked the breath out of me. I felt searing pain in my arm and my vision blurred. I gasped for air. I was slipping fast off the branch. I quickly swung my leg up onto the branch. I turned and sat sideways on the branch. I didn't lean against the trunk but put my feet against it. I guess it's just a reflex. I shake my head, trying to forget about the past. I sigh, right now more than ever I want to lean my head against something- someone. But no one is here, here to comfort the little girl. 

I felt like hours had passed since I had climbed up here and the pain in my arm was now just a steady hum. I was almost asleep when I felt something touch my back, ever so slightly. Every hair on my body was raised. This is wrong. He shouldn't be here! Not after last night. 
        "You have to be more careful, you almost fell asleep." Jason says with no feeling in his voice. I bristled.
        "It seems like you don't care about me!" I say and wave my broken arm in the air.
        "Looks like I really messed it up." He says it the same way. I fumed but don't say anything. We are still sitting back to back. I hadn't looked at him, and he hadn't looked at me. I was going to ask something. It would ether change what I thought of him, or make it worse.
        "Do you regret what you did last night?" I wait, and he thinks. Part of me says not to trust anything he says because he could be lying. The other part is screaming in my mind telling me that he still can be saved and that he's not all for The Komodo yet.
        "No, I didn't regret it." My last bit of hope faded away. He was gone, forever. I didn't cry this time. I simply sat there.
        "But think about it." Jason says, surprising me. "I was just doing what I was suppose to do. They told me to blow up the factory, and I did! It was just that you were on the path, and I decided to have some fun." He was trying to back up what he said, he always wants people to think he's right.
        "But you knew I would be going down that path!" I counter. "You-"         "No I didn't. You never go down that path." He was shaking now, and I know he's angry. I drop it. He was right. I only went that way because of the play auditions at the theater. I was much easier to go through the forest. We sit there for a while, not saying anything. I listen to the leaves on the trees shake with the wind, and the birds chirp. It is calming. I remember when me and Jason would come out here and do just this for hours. Sometimes we would talk. Sometimes we brought a snack out here, like an apple. But those times are over, I told myself.
        "Did you tell them?" Jason asked. I nod.
        "Every single word." He nods his head.
        "That's what I thought you would do."
        "What do you mean?" I ask.
        "You are so predictable." He says. "Did you even think about keeping it from them?" I frown.
        "No." He sighs and turns towards me. But I don't. I still face the trunk.
        "You have to listen to what your gut is telling you. That's the only way you can tell weather you should do something or not." Felling what he needed to say was complete, Jason turned back around. Our backs touching a little bit more. I felt my neck. It was still healing. There was dried blood through the bandage. Father said I don't need stitches but I think I do. We would not be able to any way doctors are too expensive. I want to make Jason feel guilty.
        "So was your gut telling you to kill me last night?" He thinks for a second.
        "No. It just told me to hurt you. If it told me to kill you, you'd be dead." Jason says coolly. I frown. I know he would never be able to kill me, or Abby, or Mother and Father. He just doesn't have it in him. But I don't say that. I change the topic.
        "Do you remember when we would go out to the field and play tag?" I ask Jason. When there is no reply I continue. 
        "You were my role model, I did everything you did. I followed you everywhere." I smile thinking about the good times.
        "Now look at you. You're their little puppet. And the worst part is, you let them control you." I wait for him to say something. I realize I don't feel his back against mine anymore. I turn around and he is gone.
        "I hope he heard that." I mutter. I look up at the sky. The sun was going down. That day went fast. I realized I hadn't eaten anything today. Plus I have school school tomorrow. I'll have to eat a quick dinner and make my lunch. No one would be home before I went to sleep. But that would be ok. Less people to talk to. I decided right there to try something my brother suggested: I would not tell anyone about our meeting. I bite my lip as I think of the easiest way down this tree. It would be the first time I would lie to my parents. I know they would ask what I did today. I smile. This was going to be fun.

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