If I Cover My Eyes

Ana's life is turned upside down when her brother Jason leaves her family for an evil tyrant controlling the town. Will the recent tragic event bring everything to light? Ana doesn't think so. As she tries to move on, and live a normal life again she is haunted by what happened before. Why did he brother leave? And is that reason a good enought on for Ana to leave her self?


2. Chapter 2

On the walk home none of us said anything. I bet Mother wanted to say something the most, she had just been sitting outside the whole time. But she didn't. My arm hurt. I kept it close to my chest and tried not to show any pain. Father thought I was a child, I would show him. I didn't mention my neck, arm or anything else that was hurting. Plus it was to dark to see the blood on my shirt. I had worn my nice shirt today when I tried out for the play at school, I hadn't looked at my shirt, but it was probably ruined.
        "Is everyone alright?" Father asked breaking the silence. Everyone nodded, including me. We turned the corner and came to our neighborhood, more like cluster of homes. Everyone here lived underground. It was way to dangerous to live out of the ground. Normal houses like that got destroyed by The Komodo. We came to a lump that marked the pathway down to our house. We had just recently got rid of the light we had outside our house when it was thought to be too risky. We opened the door and climbed down the stairs to our house. It was nothing big or pretty. It was one story and had four rooms: the kitchen, living room, my parents bedroom, and me and my sisters room. My sister did the job of lighting all of the candles. Few places had electricity and plumbing, and our house was not that lucky. Father immediately sat down in his chair and turned the radio on low. Abby came towards me.
        "Ana!" Her eyes widened. "You have blood all over you!" I looked down. It was worse than I thought, not only was my shirt ruined but my pants were too.         "I'll get the bandages." Mother says, happy to leave. Abby left also. I looked at Father, I could never imagine him being sick, and not telling me. Was it just me or Abby too? If Abby knew she would tell me, I know she would. We told each other everything. She even told me about her forbidden boyfriend Alex Sandad. Father stood up. He had an extra shirt of his in his hand. He walked over to me.
        "Your arm." He said. I took it off my chest, which hurt like crazy. My arm was purple and green all over. He tied the shirt around it, and my shoulder making a sling. When he was done he looked up and me and smiled a sad smile. I didn't smile back. He sat back down. I sat on the dirt floor. Abby came in with a basin and a washcloth. I really didn't want this, but I let my self be cleaned. Mother came in and helped. After a good hour, I was in clean clothes and in my bed and everybody was crowded around me.
        "Really," I said. "I'm ok." I know that's not what they were worried about. They were waiting for me to say something. I bit my lip. What I was about to ask was just about to break one of the biggest family rule: never ever ever talk about Jason. I took a deep breath and let it out.
        "Was what Jason said true? Did he really want to kill me? Why did he take me? And why did he blow up the-" I stopped my self. I had so many questions and I knew most of them would not be answered. My sight blurred with tears and before I knew it I was sobbing into Mother's arm. So much for trying not to act like a child. When I had finished, both Father and Abby had left. They hated watching people cry. I didn't want to be cooed like a toddler, I wanted answers! But I didn't have much of a choice, plus I still had to catch my breath.
        "I'll get you some water." Mother said. I nod. Immediately I hear murmuring, to quite to make out. I distract my self from it and look around my room. It was pretty plain, but I liked it. My bed was on the left side of the room nearest the door. One side of my bed was on the wall, the other was next to a small vanity that held our alarm clock and Abby's makeup- which was not a lot. Then there was Abby's bed. It was pink like mine. She had gray lighting sheets, unlike my red flower ones. Jason's bed used to be in the middle of ours but Father took it down when he left. The wall opposite Abby's bed was decorated neatly with schedules, to do lists, pictures, art work, and, if I make it, my script for the play at school. There was a spot, just perfect for it. I would use a notch in the wall so we wouldn't have to waste tape. I smiled just thinking about how happy I would be if I got a part in the play. The murmuring outside got louder, I could make out voices now.
        "Everything! I say lay down all the cards." That was Father.
        "No we can't, do you know what that would do to her?" Mother's voice was barley audible.
        "That was the same reason he left, we can't leave the same fate for Ana." Father's voice was quieter. It was back to murmuring. I blinked. What did he mean by 'that was the same reason he left' why did he leave? I didn't want to relive that memory again, not yet at least. The door opened. Mother came in with a glass of water in her hand. Father and Abby followed. Mother handed the glass to me with out a word, then Father starts talking.
        "We wanted to tell you when you were older but, I guess the time is here." There's a pause, Abby sits down on her bed and Mother on the end of mine. Father says standing.
        "Do you know who The Komodo are?" He asks. I did but I shook my head no. They may tell me things I didn't already know.
        "I know you know a little. The Komodo are a group of people who have been terrorizing this town and many others for a long time- before you were born time." I blinked. I did know that.
        "They think of their selfs as a replacement to the government and are planning to take them over. Though they are worse than the government. They bring death, chaos, food shortages, their bad news. So stay away from them." He looks at me and I nod. Food shortages? I remember when I was little, I would sometimes go to a supermarket. We would get food and all sorts of things. But no one does that any more. The Komodo started taking food about five years back. When people figured that out they started keeping storages of food. I thought about our food storage hidden under the rug in my parents bedroom. I had only been in there once when Abby too sick to get the bread her self. Now a days the food section of the supermarket nearest us is always empty, unless there is a new shipment. Then Father will go wait outside with lots of other people for hours until The Komodo finish choosing what they wanted, and then fight over the pickings with the rest of the town. I had never been to the supermarket since I was younger, it was too dangerous for a kid like me. I am drawn back into focus when Father starts talking again.
        "Jason has joined that group." He said slowly. I didn't know what to think, I guess now I was just facing the fact that he was no longer in our control. Well more like Mother and Father's control.
        "But Father that's not him, that's not Jason. What happened tonight- he wouldn't do that." I said shaking my head.
        "Well he did," Father said harshly. "He's not the Jason we know any more." I blinked multiple times, trying not to show that I was about to cry. I was embarrassed at how many times I had cried just today. I was a child.
        "What was on his hand?" My voice wavered.
        "It's a mark to show he's in The Komodo."
        "Were we in a factory?"
        "Yes. It's an old factory that has been up since I was a kid" that would explain how he knew where it was.
        "It made guns and ammunition." Father finishes. I nod.
        "Well!" Mother said. "Are those all your questions? It's getting late and all of us should be getting some-" 
        "I have one more." I mumble into my cover. I rap the strings on the edge of the cover around my finger. I look up.
        "For you Father." How would I ask this question? Time seemed to tick by ten times slower that it should. Was I just going to ask him now or in private? Would he be mad? Finally curiosity got the best of me.
        "Jason said you were sick." It came out a little too fast. I look around their faces. Abby does not seen surprised. My heart dropped. So she did know- if I was even right, which inwardly I hoped I wasn't. They weren't looking at me, but at each other. 
        "He was right." Father said. A million more question popped into my mind. I could barley breath. Why hadn't they told me? I was still comprehending what Father had just said when grabbed my shoulders 
        "Ana listen to me." He had an urgent look on his face. "You mustn't go asking or looking around for this ok? It could get you in big trouble." I nod. Why was that? What was he even sick with? I still knew close to nothing in the matter.
        "I'm going to be ok." Father said. "You don't have to worry about anything." He smiled and kissed me on the forehead.
        "It's late, you should get sleep." He was saying don't ask any more questions. That seemed to be everyone's cue to leave. Even Abby got up. I heard her walk into the living room and turn up the radio.
        "...it seems like... Well there you go folks!" A staticky signal came in. "There will be a shipment tomorrow... At supermarket 6... And that's the only one. That's all for tonight folks we'll see you..." That was the supermarket closest to my school. I needed to get some sleep. It had been a long day, and tomorrow would be one too. I could already start to feel my eyelids starting to droop. I blew out the lamp beside me. I snuggled into a comfortable position in bed, tomorrow was Saturday and usually I would be happy but now I wanted one more school day to think all of this out. I didn't finish planing out my day before I fell asleep.


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