If I Cover My Eyes

Ana's life is turned upside down when her brother Jason leaves her family for an evil tyrant controlling the town. Will the recent tragic event bring everything to light? Ana doesn't think so. As she tries to move on, and live a normal life again she is haunted by what happened before. Why did he brother leave? And is that reason a good enought on for Ana to leave her self?


1. Chapter 1

As I walked through the woods each footstep I took sounded like a plate shattering. The crisp frosted leaves were scattered all across the forest bed. I was late, I needed to get home fast or Mother would get mad. I walk faster. I hear birds chirp their calls, as if telling me that I was late, that I should not be here, that it was dangerous. I heard some leaves crunch and I stopped in my tracks. I looked around, it was hard to see when it was this dark. I squinted into the trees and saw something move.  My breath caught in my throat. I turned, and just as I was about to run away something came out of no where and tackled me to the ground. I landed hard on my arm which made me yelp. I realize it was a person and I try to fight back. The person didn't do anything. I tried to wiggle out of the grasp but I stopped when I felt something sharp tickle my throat, a knife. 
        "Gosh girl aren't you a fighter?" The person said, defiantly a guy. I recognized that voice, as my eyes came into focus I saw who it was.
        "Jason?" He had a smirk on his face like this was funny. He had changed since I had last seen him. He no longer had freckles and had grown into his cheek bones. He had scars all over his face, not recent, but I could still see them.
        "Jason, get off me!" I tried to move but he just put the knife closer to my neck.
        "Don't try that," he snarled, "I'm not the weak boy you remember" That scared me, just the way he said it. I knew he had changed more than I thought.
       "Jason," I almost whispered, "what happened? You used to be... Amazing, person I looked up to, but now your just...evil"
        "No!" He yelled and dug the knife into my skin. I screamed and felt tears roll down my cheek.
        "How dare you call me evil!" As he looks at me I see disgust and anger in his eyes.
        "They've changed me..." He whispered, "Not into something bad-just change" I thought differently but I did not express my feeling now. It was quiet. I just lay there blood dripping down into my clothes and to the ground. I still had escaping in the back of my mind. He had only one of my arms pined down on the ground. I would try to get away if my other one didn't hurt so much. I tried to move it and winced at the pain. Jason had recovered and had a smirk on his face again.
        "Looks like I broke your arm." He says.
        "It's not broken" I respond. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing it was.
        "Oh, is it?" He grabbed my arm and moved it around in ways that a arm that was not broken would have done easily. He moved it so hard it made me bust out into tears again.
        "That's what I thought." He let go of both of my arms to fix his long black hair which had gotten in his face. It was my chance. I wiggled out from under his body in an instant and took one foot out of his legs the other one comes out smoothly too, and just as I was  about to start to running he grabbed my foot and pulled me back down. In an instant I was pinned again. He had better reflexes than I remember. 

        "Don't try to run away." He said calmly, "I wasn't finished with you." He dug the knife deeper into my skin. The searing pain increases and I see little black dots at the edge of my eyes. I barley hear myself scream or feel my own blood and tears. After a while he pulled me to my feet.
        "We don't want you to pass out." Jason said. "Your not as light as I remember and I don't want to carry you the whole way." We were going somewhere? I didn't fight back as he pushed me along the path. When we came to a fork he went in the opposite path that I would take to go home. It was silent in the forest. There was no bird chirping not even a cricket. The sun had gone down completely and there was no moon.
        "Now." Jason started to talk breaking the silence. "This is not regular protocol for when I find someone in the woods, especially this close to the factory but they've put me on all these boring missions for babies, and I want to have some fun! Today's my day off." I didn't say anything throughout him talking, and a had given up on escaping since he was holding my arm that was broken, so I just let him guide me across the path. We took some more turns and eventually I saw something big and looming. I guessed it was the factory Jason was talking about. He whistled as he walked up to the door on the side. He held my arm and took out some keys from his pocket. There were four keys on the ring. He put one of the keys into the lock. The door clicked open. I was plunged into darkness even darker than outside. I heard the door close behind me, and two seconds later the lights turned on. I was right, the place was a factory, but it was empty. I made a guess of what was being made: guns and ammunition. I even saw crates that had the word ammo written on them. But there was nothing else there. Conveyor belts had nothing on them, shooting ranges had everything taken away, even mettle had been striped from some things. Jason pushed me around the corner to a room that was empty except for an chair and a table. On the table there was a radio phone, some rope and tape. Across from it was the chair which Jason made me sit in. He grabbed the rope and started to tie my legs to the chair.
        "You couldn't kill me." I said, surprising myself and Jason.
        "Oh I could, believe me." He replied not looking up from his work.
        "No you couldn't." I said calmly. He looked at me anger flashing in his eyes.
        "You don't know what they taught me. I could-" 
        "I don't care what they taught you, you still can't kill me." That seemed to make him less angry. He moved to my arms roughly pulling back my broken one and tying them together.
        "Whatever." He said, "Your only going to make me want to kill you more." I felt the same feeling I felt earlier, I knew he had changed and no matter how hard I tried he was never going back to the boy I knew. He picked up the tape and played with it, he looked at me, I know he could see I was trying not to show how much my arm hurt or my neck (which had thankfully stopped bleeding).
        "Will your father know where you are?" Jason asked. I knew what he's was planing.
        "OUR father." I said hopping to make him feel guilty.
        "Not anymore, I have found a new father." He wasn't looking at me, "one who excepts me." I knew his 'new father' supported The Komodo.
        "Just answer the question." He said. I looked at my lap and thought.
        "No." I answered. He got right to work, and turned on the radio telephone he turned to our family's channel. While he was waiting he put the tape over my mouth and patted my head. I glared at him.
        "Hello?" I heard my father say. He sounds tired like he has been awake this whole time
        "Hello there." Jason replied. 
        "Jason?" I could hear panic in his voice.
        "Mm." Jason said not really answering his question. He looked as if he was thinking.
        "It is you then." Father responded in a plain voice. There was a pause both of them thinking about their own next move. Father took a breath thinking if he should talk or not.
        "Do you know where you sister is? She's missing." He said slowly.
        "Which one?"         "A-"
        "Because, it seems like your implying that I know where she is." 
        "It's Ana!" Father said starting to get annoyed.
        "Oh ok that helps a lot... Yea we were having some fun here." He said. He looked at me and smiled. I could not believe he was having so much fun with this.
        "Don't you dare hurt my daughter." My father said in the voice he used when I was in trouble. Jason stood up, carried the radio over to where I was, looking right into my eyes.
        "Oh I won't hurt her..." he tilted my chin up so he could see the cut that he made.
        "Anymore." He laughed. Not the light hearted laugh I was used to but a harsh evil laugh that made me wince.
        "Where is Ana?!" My father was through. I think Jason wanted him to get angry like this, I didn't know what he was planing but no mater how hard I thought I couldn't even scratch the surface of his plan. Jason caught his breath from laughing so hard.
        "We're here at the old factory." There was a click on the other side that indicated that my father had turned off the radio telephone. After about two seconds Jason burst out laughing.
        "Oh he's so funny." He continued laughing but I didn't get it.
        "Sorry, sorry." He said to me. "I'll put on my work face." But he left the room smiling. I thought of what Father would be doing. I could see him, after he hung  up the radio telephone, slam his fist on the table and put his head in his hands. Then once Mother or Abby walked in and asked what was wrong, he would tell them and they would think of a plan. Father would probably tell them to wait outside the factory, then they would embark on their journey. I didn't know how close this factory was to our house but Father knew where it was. I almost sighed, this was normal, being the youngest in the family most of the places I don't know of were places they went to as a child, so it was no surprise Father knew where this place was. I thought of my brother, the as he looked at me before he left. His eyes used to be a soft blue, always calming and happy but now they were like ice, cold and hard. They made me shiver. I thought back to when he was tying me to the chair, I felt something on his hand: a scar. Everyone in The Komodo had those scars on their hands but they had some sort of tattoo over it. That was enough to make me cry, I could never get my brother back. I was still crying when Jason came back. He just looked at me. He walked over to me and tore off my tape.
        "You have something on your mind." He said. He was always good at telling that something was on my mind.
        "One question only." He looked me strait in the eye waiting for his answer. A million question came into my mind, but I chose one that I needed to be answered.
        "Why didn't you tell us? Why keep the secret?" He laughed. I blushed. I should have chosen another question. Now I felt stupid.
        "Your asking me? Do you know how many things they keep from you?" 
        "They don't keep anything from me!" I said.
        "They don't do they? Then I suppose Father has told you about his sickness." I blinked. He didn't.
        "Father gets sick sometimes." I said, my voice cracking.
        "No." He said and smiled. "It's a disease he has had for a while." I get dizzy and my head feels heavy. I start to cry again. I don't remember stoping. I've heard of diseases that people have had and doctors could not treat.
        "Will he die?" I sob.
        "Only one question." Jason whispered. He put the tape back over my mouth.
        "Father is here." He whispered. "I'll just be waiting back here." He disappeared into the shadows at the back of the room. What was he going to do? Just stand there and watch Father take me home? I bet not, and I don't think he wants to just have a talk with Father. I heard footsteps nearby. Someone opened the door to the room next to this one, turn on the lights, then off, and close the door. I look at the door to this room just as it opens. My Farther walks in, a panicked look on his face. It changes to relief when he sees me. He runs over to my chair.
        "Oh Ana. Are you ok?" He holds my face in his hands, wiping my tears. I nod. He sees my neck. The panicked look is back.
        "Are you sure?" I nod again. He takes the tape off of my mouth.
        "Father, it's a trap!" I yell. Farther turned around just in time to see Jason slip out of the shadows. He looked at me.
        "Thanks for ruining the surprise little sis." I glare at him again from my seat. He looked at Father.
        "You can untie her." He said. Farther got onto his knees and untied me. He was silent. He was extra carful on my arms.
        "Your arm." He whispered so Jason could not hear him. My lip quivered. I didn't look him in the eye. Father stood up. So did I. Jason looked at me a cocked his head towards the door.
        "You can leave now." I looked at Father. We were leaving now, both of us. Right? He sighs.
        "Your sister is outside-"
        "No!" I didn't want to leave. I did not know what my brother was going to do.
        "Sh! It's going to be alright. Your mother is with her. They will take you home."
        "No!" I shook my head.
        "Please! Trust me. Ok?" He would be fine i told my self and reluctantly I nod. He smiled. It was a fake smile.
        "See you at home." He said. I backed up out the door. I started to walk away, but I thought for a second, and decided agents it. I don't have to ask him what Jason says later when i could just listen right now. I press my ear to the wall and listen. I only heard silence for a second.
        "Why do you keep secrets?" I heard my brother say.
        "I don't-" 
        "Don't lie."
        "I really don't!"         "You keep secrets from her, you kept secrets from me. Just so many secrets." 
        "She's just a child!" Father said. It made me wince. I hated that word.
        "Somethings are just... Too hard for her to handle." I hear the scoot of a chair as someone sits down. How does Father know what's too hard for me to handle? I could handle mostly everything.
        "What about me Father?" Jason says so quietly I can barely hear him. "When I was older and older, why did you still keep things from me?" There is silence from three agonizing seconds.
        "You are not my son. Not anymore" Fathers words ring out, bold and loud. 
        "So just ignore my question." Someone's fist slams on the table, making me jump.
        "Just like your self." I can almost hear a smile in his voice.
        "You pretend your not there, pretend your not getting sicker by the DAY!" It got so quite I have to hold my breath to keep from being heard.
        "How does it feel to know there is no cure, know there is no treatment? But still you suffer in silence. Don't even let your family know. Is there a way you can get any more pathetic?" There is silence again but it lasted longer, about a minute or so.
        "Do you know how I got these scars?" I was surprised to hear Jason's voice.
        "No." Father answered.
        "When I left that day, I went to The Komodo. I thought I would have a better life there, I was wrong. They told me, that I was too young. That I hadn't felt the pain of life yet. So they gave me two choices: they told me I could leave or, I could take a knife. I wanted to belong somewhere so badly, I took the knife. All because I felt you didn't trust me, felt like I was a third wheel in your perfect family. I felt unwanted." Jason's voice wavered at the end of his sentence. I heard hands fall to the sides and make a clapping noise. Jason sighed.
        "I'll give you one minute to get out of here before I blow this factory up. Nothing personal, it's just business." I react fast. I dash away and skid around the corner. I see my sister.
        "Ana! Where's Father? Why are you running?"
        "He's going to blow the place up!" Abby, with longer legs, grabs my arm (thankfully the one that was not broken) and drags me along. I can hear Father behind me. Abby runs out the door and to some bushes where Mother's head pops out of just as the first explosion goes off. It shakes the ground so hard it makes me and Abby fall down. Father picks us up and we run some more until the second and third explosions go off and things start flying all over the place. We all duck behind some more bushes until it stops. When it does we start walking home, exhausted. I look back and see the factory ablaze. Endless smoke billows out from anywhere it can. In the distance I see a figure doing the same thing as me. I turn around and we start on our way back home.

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