My brother Liam Payne

Hi my name Is Allie. My brother is Liam Payne........ It all started the night when he left me for his band lying on the ground. Then 2 years later he comes back and ask's me to come and live with him..........and his band.


2. This can't be happening


                                                            *two years later Allie's POV

I still can't believe he left me when I was hurt. Nothin has changed I'm still hurt and waiting for my relationships to last but none ever do I never find that right guy.****** ring ring I hear the phone from downstairs ring. My mom answers and I hear her talking .she hangs up." Allie can u come down hear."my dad yells. I hop down the stairs "whats up" my parents look at each other "me and ur father r going on a cruise for a year." My mom says. " so where am I going to go ." I ask. "You are going to stay with Liam" she says . I start to hyperventilate "it's okay honey u have a week before u leave go start packing". She says. I run upstairs and throw myself on my bed crying. This can't be happening 

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