My brother Liam Payne

Hi my name Is Allie. My brother is Liam Payne........ It all started the night when he left me for his band lying on the ground. Then 2 years later he comes back and ask's me to come and live with him..........and his band.


6. Safe Haven



    Allie's P.O.V
                 *two weeks later*

I've gotten to know the boys a lot better. I'm very close with them all. Today we are going to the movies to see Safe Haven ( pretend its not already out yet).....I love the movie it was so good we all cried Niall the most. After the movie we decided to go home."I'm hungry" Niall said. "How about we order some pizza" Liam said.we all nodded in agreement. When the pizza got here Niall ran to the door gave the guy some money and started stuffing his face with pizza. Everyone walked over to the kitchen. I watched as everyone ate pizza. "Do you want some"? Zayn asked. "No I'm good". I said back. They all looked at me like I was crazy. "Come on Al you haven't eaten anything since you got off the plane." "Did you even eat anything this morning" he said. "No I'm not hungry ok". I said while walking into the living room.

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