My brother Liam Payne

Hi my name Is Allie. My brother is Liam Payne........ It all started the night when he left me for his band lying on the ground. Then 2 years later he comes back and ask's me to come and live with him..........and his band.


3. Meeting the boys



Harry's P.O.V

       Liam was going crazyyyy. He told us about Allie how she was crushed by many boys. He told us she was off limits. This sucks!

Allie's P.O.V

         As I get off the airplane I look around I can't find him. Someone taps on my shoulder it's him Liam. He goes in for a hug but I walk away. "Allie where are you going". "Where you aren't". I ran outside my luggage in my hand and tears streaming down my face. It was pouring out and I had no idea where I was going. I could hear footsteps behind me. I turned around it wasn't Liam but it was Harry. He pulled me in for a hug I hugged back. He looked down at me and wiped away the tear that was streaming down my face. He took my hand and pulled me to the car. Once we got in the car I stopped crying. Liam wasn't with us I wondered where he went. A couple minutes in Harry called Liam. " I have Allie". He said. After that I stopped listening to their conversation. We pulled up into a driveway. The house was huge and when I say huge I mean HUGE. Harry walked out came around and opened the door for me. I hopped out. He had already gotten my luggage. I walked up to the front door. He took the keys and opened the door. I walked in and stood in the living room."ALLIE'S HERE" Harry screamed. I heard many footsteps coming down the stairs. " Hi I'm Niall". "I'm Zayn". And "I'm carrot boy". I laughed " you guys don't need to introduce yourselves". Then Liam walked down "Al can u talk to you for a sec". I rolled my eyes and walked forward. "Look u have every right to be mad at me" Liam said. " I left you when you needed me most". I started crying. "Al I'm sorry for eveything I did". I didn't say anything just hugged him " I missed u so much". Is all that came out of my mouth.

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