My brother Liam Payne

Hi my name Is Allie. My brother is Liam Payne........ It all started the night when he left me for his band lying on the ground. Then 2 years later he comes back and ask's me to come and live with him..........and his band.


7. Bitch slapped


Nialls P.O.V

I'm falling for Allie..hard. I can't stop thinking about her. The way her eyes sparkle. She's my princess I need her. She's gonna be mine.

Harry's POV 

I think I'm starting to like Allie. She's funny and nice and beautiful and I just I never felt this way about a girl before. All her little things I love them her little quirks I love them I love her. The way she flicks her long brown hair away from her shoulder. We have been really close lately she told me everything about her life. She told me her insecurities. Like how she hates being recorded because she dosent like the sound of her voice. Or how she always dosent want to know her weight cause she thinks it's gonna be a lot. But shes perfect I don't care how much she weighs even though she is really small. I feel like me and Allie have a bond that the other boys don't. I want her to be mine I love her. 

Allies POV 

Harry and I got really close hes like my brother Louis is my best friend. Zayn and Niall are my sisters. And we'll liam is my brother already. Anyway today it's raining so me and the boys are just staying home and hanging out. 

Louis POV

Allie was still sleeping me and the rest of the boys were up. I snuck up in her bedroom and slapped her with a pillow she shot straight up. I started to run she sprinted out of bed and down the stairs got a cup of water and poured it all over me "that's what you get lou". They boys were all laughing. "Bitch" I said.

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