Waiting for You

The best things about the summer are: pools, beaches, hot lifeguards, tans, and the fact that my birthday is in the summer! My besties Meagan, Halley, and Kate decide to go on a five star cruise for my birthday... But they didn't just pick any cruise. They picked the one that they knew one direction was staying on! But they also knew how much I hated them!


5. The Day After

I woke up the next day with no one else in the room but me. I immediately texted Kate knowing that she always had her phone on her.

Hey where r u guys?! -xx Casey

W.O.W. what happened last night? I am havving a hell of a hangover -Kate

Great... can u come back to the room ASAP? -xxCasey

Be there in a half hour or so gonna get some breakfast- Kate

I changed into an art deco lace top and some black jean shorts: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=whatsnew_all&ProductID=2027704235&variantID=

I waited for Kate and everyone else to come to the rooms and then maybe we could go and head out to the pool or something. I scrolled through my contacts and I found Josh's number. I dont remember exchanging numbers with him but i texted him anyway.

Hey wanna go meet up at the pool or something? -Casey

Ya sure maybe at 1 or something- Josh

Cool- Casey

 I got back into my favorite hot pink bikini from Pink. I left a note for Kate, Halley, and Meagan:

Hey I went to the pool with Josh! c u all when I get back. Btw can u text

me once your back in the rooms? -xxCasey

I got my bag that was still packed from yesturday and went towards the pool. But I didnt see Josh there I saw Harry. "Hey!" I said to Harry, trying to be friendly. "Hi um JOsh said he couldnt make it here so I came instead." Harry said. "Oh" I said kinda dissappointed. "Is that okay?" Harry was super sweet last night so why not? "Yeah!" I said reassuringly.

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