Waiting for You

The best things about the summer are: pools, beaches, hot lifeguards, tans, and the fact that my birthday is in the summer! My besties Meagan, Halley, and Kate decide to go on a five star cruise for my birthday... But they didn't just pick any cruise. They picked the one that they knew one direction was staying on! But they also knew how much I hated them!


4. The Club

We arrived at the club at 9:00. Once we started dancing we couldnt stop. The music was amazing...until they stopped playing it. A man came onto the stage. "Hey We have a suprise for you all tonight! So let me introduce you all to One Direction!" The man said. Then five boys started to sing "Live While We're Young." Everyone started screaming well, besides me and the boys in the club. "Come on we have to go closer!" Kate screamed over the music. They all went up to the front of the stage and I followed them through the crowd. We eventually got to the front of the stage and thats when I saw him again. He was on the stage with One Direction playing the drums. I stared at him and eventually he caught my glance and winked at me. I began to blush so much. "Who are you looking at?" said Halley. "What?" I said. "Just remember Louis is mine," Halley said. "Just remember Louis has a girlfriend," I replied. "Ya me," said halley. Finally after 5 songs they started to play some real music again. Then he came up to me followed by five other boys. "hey," he said. "hey! um I never caught your name before..." I asked him. "Josh. And this is Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam." Josh said. "Hi!" I said to them. "These are my friends Halley, Meagan, and Kate." I said. We all started to dance and I actually really started to get some feelings for Josh. His brown hair... but I mean even if he felt the same way it just wouldnt work out. He'd end up being super busy and then its not like we would have time to see eachother...

-1 hour later-

We were still at the club everyone else was super drunk besides me. I was always sober and I never really liked drinking. Somehow I ended up danciing with Harry. He was my favorite out of One Direction. But that doesnt change the way I feel about him and his band. But maybe there is more to him than I know. Hes been super sweet to me so far but I mean Josh has too. Eventually I got tired. "Hey Kate Im gonna head back to the room." I said. "Sure thing girly! have fun!" she said.  When I got back to my room I stripped down and I stepped into the steaming water. I cleansed my body with soap and water and I rinsed shampoo and conditioner in my hair. Once I was done I dried my body and put on my PJs. I went to bed trying to take in what has happened these past few days.

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