Waiting for You

The best things about the summer are: pools, beaches, hot lifeguards, tans, and the fact that my birthday is in the summer! My besties Meagan, Halley, and Kate decide to go on a five star cruise for my birthday... But they didn't just pick any cruise. They picked the one that they knew one direction was staying on! But they also knew how much I hated them!


6. Perfection

Now Harry and I were walking back to our rooms. We stopped by my door "Harry I really had a great time today. Thank you." I said as I unlocked my room. I turned around to face him "I had fun today too." Harry said. "Well I guess I will see you tomorrow?"I asked. "Yeah. by the way can I have your number?" Harry said as he handed me his phone. I dialled my number into his phone. Then I gave him my phone so he could do the same. "Smile" Harry said as he held up the phone to take a picture. "Ew I look gross!" I said as I looked at the picture."I think you look perfect" Harry said. A smile grew on my face and I began to blush. "Thank you." I said "I should go now Halley and everyone is probably wondering where I am." I said as I entered my room. Making sure to close the door behind me. I collasped onto my bed thinking about everything that happende with Harry today. I thought about us swimming in the pool, all of those pool games I lost to Harry, getting smoothies, playing beach volleyball. That was actually th eonly thing I won at. Volleyball was my favorite sport. I had been playing for about 4 years. But then my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. I got up from the bed and walked over to the door. I checked through the peep hole to see who it was.Harry. I opened the door. "You forgot something." Harry said. "What?" I asked. I remember bringing back everything I brought to the pool. "This." He said as he leaned in for a kiss. I kissed back, unexpectedly. I had feelings for Josh but Harry seemed so sweet and I felt like all these years of hating One Direction, I was misjuding them. They were a group of amazingly sweet guys. Then I saw a flash. I pulled away. "what was that?" I asked him. He handed me back my phone. You actually forgot this." He said handing it back to me. I looked at the picture Harry had just taken. "Its perfect." I said to him. "Just Perfect."   

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