Waiting for You

The best things about the summer are: pools, beaches, hot lifeguards, tans, and the fact that my birthday is in the summer! My besties Meagan, Halley, and Kate decide to go on a five star cruise for my birthday... But they didn't just pick any cruise. They picked the one that they knew one direction was staying on! But they also knew how much I hated them!


3. Girls just wanna have fun!

I left my room about 10 minutes ago. I was trying to figure out what pool kate, Meagan, and Halley went to because this cruise  has like 3 different pools! I texted Kate because I know she brings her phone everywhere.

Where are you? - xxCasey

We went back to the room gettting ready to go to the club!-xx Kate

KK be there soon-xxCasey

i Guess Im going to have to wait til tomorrow to go to the pool. I was gonna text Kate back to ask her what time they were going to the club because now it was only 4:00. But that was when I bumped into something. "Ow!" I said

"Im so sorry are you ok?!" I heard a voice reply.I looked at him. He looked familiar but I didnt know who he was. "Im so sorry I was texting my friend and I wasnt really looking at where I was going." I said.  "hey Its ok." He said. "Really cause I really should've payed  more attention Im so sorry! But so I know you?" "I dont think we met or else I wouldve remembered a face as pretty as yours." he said. "Thanks" I blushed. I didnt beleive him though. All of my friends are so pretty and all I have is brown strait hair and brown eyes... "Whats your name love," He said. "Casey." I replied. "Thats a lovley name." He said.

His phone buzzed and he looked at it. I have to go but if your going to the club tonite I'll see you there?" "yes" I said. And with that he left. WOW he was hot! My phone rang and I answered it. "hello?" I said. "hey its Kate can you come back to the room?" "Ummmm yeah sure see you there." I said. Then I hung up.


----1 hour later---

I was back in my room now with Halley. We were gonna share a room and kate and Megan were gonna share a room. Halley was probably my favorite though because I could trust her with my life. "Halley can you come and zipper my dress?" I asked her. "Sure." she said she zippered the back of my dress for me. I couldnt do it because my black nail polish was still drying. I was wearing a  dress from forever 21-> http://www.forever21.com/mobil/product/product.aspx?br=mobil&catagory=dress_evening_cocktail&ProductlD=2015100498&Page=1

We left to go to the club at about 9:00

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