Waiting for You

The best things about the summer are: pools, beaches, hot lifeguards, tans, and the fact that my birthday is in the summer! My besties Meagan, Halley, and Kate decide to go on a five star cruise for my birthday... But they didn't just pick any cruise. They picked the one that they knew one direction was staying on! But they also knew how much I hated them!


2. Cruises only go in one direction!

I walked into our room on the cruise ship. It was amazing! Flat screen T.V., King sized beds, and a big deck! "Thanks so much. I cant beleive this is actually happening!" I said to my 3 besties, Kate, Megan, and Halley. "Well your turning sixteen Casey! We had to!" said Halley. Halley was beautiful blonde hair and gray eyes-who wouldn't be jelous! "Well.. there was another reason why we came here," said Kate. Kate had brown hair that went down to her waist and the bluest eyes. "Whats that?" I questioned Kate. They all gave each other a look and I knew they were keeping something from me. Something big. Megan started to flip through some of the magazines she brought with her. Meagan had golden blonde hair and green eyes. "what?! Just tell me!" I said to them. "Well you see we chose this boat for a reason..." Kate began to say. But then I heard a screaming girl in the hallway shouting"One Direction! Marry me!" I was shocked. They knew how much I hated them! They were just about there looks not their music! But I mean they are kinda hot but... "Oh my god! Why didnt you tell me this! I have to stay on the same boat as them!" I told them. "Actually you kinda have to stay on the same floor as them," said Halley. "Then its time for me to change my room!" I said. "Please can we just stay here!" said Kate. "No way!" I responded. "PLEASSEEE!!!" they all begged. "Fine but then Im not going to leave this room. "ok but I am gonna go by the pool and start tanning if you want to come with me.." said Meagan. "Nope I am perfectly fine here," I said. And with that they left me and my flat screen T.V. alone.


----1 Hour Later---


I was still in our room unpacking all my stuff. I already put all my clothes and makeup away but I was still unpacking my bathing suits. I pulled out my favorite hot pink bathing suit that my friend Claire got for me before she moved to Canada last spring. I finished unpacking and went to put on my bathing suit. I was really tempted to go to the pool now. So I got my towel an outfit to put over my bathing suit and some sun block, not that I needed it but you never know! Then I put all of my stuff in a bag and headed for the pool.

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