Still in shock

When Ally moves to a new school on the other side of the world and goes to a community concert to make new friends she will meet 5 Guys (one direction) that are funny,good looking and nice. But what happens when she gets bought back stage and over hears them talking about a VERY big secret...
Please no hate this is my first fan fiction! Hope you like it!!


4. WHAT!?

"were going to... London!" I just sat there in shock then I started screaming with joy. "London as in England!' "thank you mum this is awesome!" My mum looked puzzled "why are you happy? we're moving to the other side of the world! you will never see your friends again!' I never thought of it like that then I realized, I don't have any friends! I get bullied all the time so I don't have any friends! I just told her that due to the bulling I didn't have any friends. Mum was silent for a minuet, then she told me to start taking my things into the car/van so we could go to the airport.


I took my bags to the car/van then we set off to find a new home,life and hopefully some friends!

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