Still in shock

When Ally moves to a new school on the other side of the world and goes to a community concert to make new friends she will meet 5 Guys (one direction) that are funny,good looking and nice. But what happens when she gets bought back stage and over hears them talking about a VERY big secret...
Please no hate this is my first fan fiction! Hope you like it!!


6. The control room

As I walked into the room I saw heaps people with the same blank expression on their faces. As I looked for an empty seat I saw... Ellie? Why was my best friend here on this flight? I thought she had to go to summer school?"Ellie?" I asked. She just looked at me and started screaming something in Romanian? "what the heck is going on you can't even speak proper English and out of the blue your speaking Romanian? " i exclaimed but before she could answered  i was taken back to my seat




sorry for the short chapter.     

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