Still in shock

When Ally moves to a new school on the other side of the world and goes to a community concert to make new friends she will meet 5 Guys (one direction) that are funny,good looking and nice. But what happens when she gets bought back stage and over hears them talking about a VERY big secret...
Please no hate this is my first fan fiction! Hope you like it!!


5. Something Strange

                                     Ally's P.O.V

Umm ill get the egg with bacon and orange juice please. As I told the flight attended my order  2 girls with bloodshot eyes walked into first class and took out... GUNS!! the flight attended seemed to know what they wanted and took them into the control room where the captain was sitting. 

Now I was suspicious, at the airport two girls that looked around my age (18) did the exact same thing... but they got taken into a room that had a sign that read... DO NOT ENTER  in big,bold writing stuck to the door. Now the same thing has happend! then guess who walked in? My EX! but for some reason HE had blood shot eyes AS WELL ! But he walked straight past me! Now I knew something was up cause EVERY TIME he sees me he makes some short of stupid comment on how I look.  I looked to my right to make sure mum was still asleep... yep! I took acting classes so I knew how to make my eyes bloodshot. So I gave myself Bloodshot eyes and followed my ex into the control room...

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