Still in shock

When Ally moves to a new school on the other side of the world and goes to a community concert to make new friends she will meet 5 Guys (one direction) that are funny,good looking and nice. But what happens when she gets bought back stage and over hears them talking about a VERY big secret...
Please no hate this is my first fan fiction! Hope you like it!!


1. BUT MUM...

  Ally's P.O.V

My eyelids flutter open as I start to scream... I had a horrible night mare that my mum got killed in a car crash just like my dad did 2 years ago. As I get out of bed my mum comes rushing through the door she started asking me if I was ok and I told her I was fine. Mum breathed out and escorted me down the stairs into the kitchen, she sat me down and said that she needed to talk to me. She said that we have to move houses because of the bulling at my school. I tried to tell her that the bulling doesn't bother me and that I ignore them all the time but she said that it was a big problem and that she feared it would get worse. After 5 minuets of awkward silence I agreed to move.     

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