Break and Grell....and SHINIGAMI

Break is a boy whos is a weapon at death academy he has a thing for shinigamis daughter Grell Sutcliff. Yes grell is a girl in this fan fic but it suites the motives of the story.


1. The first glance

It was a dim morning at death academy, Break was walking to class and he saw Grell walking through the crowd of people who were in the way of her class room. "I wonder if...I could get one day with her...just one lord death thats all I really want in this world is to date Grell Sutcliff!" Break was now cheerful, and started running to class. William was following behind Grell boredly. They walked into class and sat in there seats. William sat next to Break and Break sat behind Grell. "Grell Sutcliff are you here?" Stein was looking at the class silently. "Im here mr. Steain and im ready for class" Grell raised her hand n grinned. "Oh man....those teeth are so pretty....and shes so yum...I just wanna hug her I hug Emily" thought Bteak to himself as he stared and started to drool. "Break...your drooling on your homework" William smacked him in the back of the head and glared at him for a couple of seconds. Break looked at William angerily. Both looked away and started doing the work for the day.
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