Its All Different Now

charlie is a poor girl who just graduated college, she works at an old stage in Texas. her life is all normal until she finds out about her new clients at the stage. "one direction!, their coming here!"


5. Wake Up

Even  though the room was still and quiet I woke up. The nightmare was still stuck in my mind. I hug the pillow next to me and drift off, almost.i get up and go down the tiny stairs across the corner. While going through the cabinets I hear some noise in a room I haven't visited yet. I gulp up the water and go see what it is. I slightly open the door and see this dude singing, acting like the toothbrush is his mike. I giggle a little bit making him look over and see me. It was one on the three boys I haven't gotten to know. It's only been the second day iv lived with them and I don't even know  three of them. This is crazy. "hey we met yesterday, I'm Louis Tomlinson" he says holding out his hand. I shake it. " umm can I crash on the couch, I'm not sleeping well. " I shyly ask. "yea! Of course, be our guest!" he says helping me make a comfy bed on the couch. "thanks" I mumble laying down. "night" he says walking back to his room and shutting the door behind.  Then the darkness came again, and the quietness followed. Soon I was asleep. and happier than most days. 


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