Its All Different Now

charlie is a poor girl who just graduated college, she works at an old stage in Texas. her life is all normal until she finds out about her new clients at the stage. "one direction!, their coming here!"


1. The New Clients

The piano keys click down as the music fills my hear. I have no money but I managed to get a small job for cleaning up after the shows at the huge stage in Austin, texas, where I live. My house is just an apartment and it's nice, but still small. my strait reddish brown 

Hair lays down my back in a long braid. Green Eyes accompany the hair. My friends call me Cinderella, because I'm like a maid and my beauty, to them, is astounding. I really can't understand why I live here or I'm a little cleaner for a millionaire and get paid 1c an hour. "Charlie! Get this cleaned please!" my boss linda yells urgently from the room next to me. I leave my piano and grab my daily broomstick. Then I see them, the boys, the beautiful boys in front of little old me. I stand there and they don't see me, but one does, his beautiful eyes hit me. He searches me with the eyes of what I would say beauty. Wide eyed I turn into the room. I shut the door and sweep for about a half an hour. When I'm done I'm covered in dust and my hair is a mess, I look horrible. Then I see him leaning on the wall in the tight hall, on the phone. He's looking away from me. I try to shut the door quietly but, of course, it slams. He looks over fast and smiles when he sees me. I smile and turn to walk away quickly. Then I feel and warm hand on my shoulder. "hi" he says. "uh. I um I...hi" I say looking at the ground. "anything you um need?" I ask, mumbling uncontrollably. "I'm Niall, and you are?" he says ignoring my work question. "I'm Charlie" I say pushing my hair back into place. He smiles and holds out his hand. I take it and firmly grab then let go. "are you are newest clients, one direction" I ask getting lost in his light blue eyes. The blonde hair on his head is cute. "yep we are. Are you the...model?" he asks winking at me. I blush and say right away, "I'm not anything special, just a sweeper". He frowns. I can tell he knows I'm capable of better treatment. "want to be friends?" he asks like a little kid. "sure" I mumble to him before I give him my number and grab my keys. Tomorrow, the word circled in my mind, I would get a better job and get more money and move back to Florida. Tomorrow. The car drive home was all though about Niall. His eyes like the ocean filled me with joy. I could tell I finally had a sort of breakthrough with a boy for once. I set the keys on the counter and lay in my bed, I don't bother changing or brushing my teeth I'm to tired. Almost an instant and I was asleep.


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