Its All Different Now

charlie is a poor girl who just graduated college, she works at an old stage in Texas. her life is all normal until she finds out about her new clients at the stage. "one direction!, their coming here!"


2. Morning

I woke to the alarm showing me how late I am, like usual. I untangle my hair and decide to leave it going down. The length of my hair was so unbelievably long. It goes down to my heals, no kidding, and I cherish it. It's all natural, me. My green eyes get some glittery eye shadow above them. I smile, this is a lot. I never wear makeup, ever, but I feel like I have someone to pretty up for now, Niall. I smile thinking about him, but I want to know more. Like who is he? Who are the other boys?, but I feel to shy to approach him, so ill wait, no. Ill call.

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