Its All Different Now

charlie is a poor girl who just graduated college, she works at an old stage in Texas. her life is all normal until she finds out about her new clients at the stage. "one direction!, their coming here!"


4. Made My Day

"what is it?" I ask as the redness went to his cheeks. "well, uh, will you go out to dinner with me tonight?" he asks putting his hands in his pockets. "well sure" I ask getting red and then he hugs me and walks off into the other room. I jump for joy quietly, until Linda comes in and gives me the letter. She shakes my hand and gives me a sympathetic look. I raise my eyebrow and open the letter slowly reveling the red paper. It told me I was fired. Tears flooded my eyes, this meant I  lost my house and everything. Crap. I have no one to go to! I'll be living on the streets if I can't get a place to go!? Niall walks in and sees me. "is everything ok?" he asks rushing over to my side. He lays an arm around me and I hug him. I feel like iv known him forever. "I'm broke and just got my job taken" I explain. He looks at me in pity. "you can join us!" he says smiling. I feel a bit creeped out that he would be so strait forward, but then I see what I have been offered. "are you sure?" I ask getting up. "positive, if you need somewhere to go, you can live in our extra room on the tour bus! We need another person on anyway, being just with the boys is boring." he tells me. Soon enough I agreed and moved into the bus. I didn't have much but the five boys helped me with lots of things. They were my saviors, well at least the ones I knew. 

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