Its All Different Now

charlie is a poor girl who just graduated college, she works at an old stage in Texas. her life is all normal until she finds out about her new clients at the stage. "one direction!, their coming here!"


3. Hey Can I Ask You Something

When I pull up in the drive singing to the radio. I get out of the car and drag my feet inside the back section of the stage. Then I hear it, a beautiful voice singing the song I was previously listening to. It was a taller boy , a low sweet voice. I sit down out of sight of him, and I listened. Eventually he left, then the worst thing happened he looked over and saw me. "Hello miss, you there in the corner?" He said walking a bit closer to me. "Sorry, ill get going." I say trying to quickly walk away. Embarrassment sweeps through me when he say wait behind me. " yes?" I say being ready for any command that's thrown at me. "Who are you? " he asks towering me. "Charlie" I say, trying to be stronger and less shy than usual. It had worked, soon me and Harry were almost sort of friends. I had his phone number and he had mine. I still never let Niall drift from my mind, even seeing Beautiful Harry in front of me. I couldn't stand it I wanted to know them, be there friends,live the dream. Become famous. Yes. I want to be famous, and get rich and be loved by lots! "Hey it's me from yesterday" Niall says walking in the room I play the piano in. "Hi" I say turning around and see him, the nice bleach blonde cutie walking toured me. Then he asks it the question that alarms me. "Hey can I ask you something?" He says.

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