Alone but together

Katrina thought she was alone because if the whole incident. She runs away from her problems to find herself faced to face with a beautiful boy. This is her story read to find out. ( this is a fan fic with the boys non famous pleas please please comment to tell me what you think) :)


4. Waking up



I woke up to quiet whimpering coming from the corner. I opened my eyes and adjusted to the light. I sat up and saw the small figure in the corner.  She was crying with her knees up to her chest. I slowly got up and walked toward her. As I did this she backed farther into the corner. I stopped and knelt down beside her. Her deep blue eyes were puffy and red. Her long beautiful blonde hair was tangled and dirty. I spoke to her gently. " Hi, I'm Niall. I found you Latin on a park bench and I guessed that you had nowhere to go so I brought you to my house. Are you ok. What happened?" She then whispered, " I'm all alone. Nowhere to go nobody to hold me no one to love me. My parents they..." What, what happened did they hurt you did they leave you?" She replied with a small " they left everyone. They died." A tear streaked across her pale face. " what happened" as I said this I moved a little closer to her and wrapped my arm around her.  It felt... Good. "We all went out one night. We enjoying the weather when a man walked up to us. He asked if he could speak to my parents privately. They agreed and followed him out the door and into the alley. I crept behind them because in hate being alone. He pulled out a knife as two more men came. On man held my dad still with his hand on his mouth the other my mom. My parents tried to scream for help but they couldn't. I should have done something but I couldn't my feet wouldn't move. He first walked to my dad and strapped him in the gut twice and the heart once. He died there. He slowly approached my mom and said " look at this pretty face I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt this" he then put the knife near her heart and went in slowly. She tried to scream until I knew he got to her heart. She fell to the ground lifeless and still. I should have done something." She started to scream now " I could've done something! It's my fault they're dead! I killed my parents! I don't deserve to live!" As she yelled this I tried to get closer to her but she pulled away stood up and sprinted out of the room. She ran down the stairs and to the kitchen looking for something. I almost caught up to her when she found what she was looking for. A knife! " no please don't do this it wasn't your fault it was the jack ass with the knife. Just please don't do this. " she dropped the knife and fell to the ground sobbing violently. I walked up to her and sat down beside her she then fell back asleep in my arms. While she was sleeping I got up and made breakfast. Bacon eggs toast pancakes waffles and orange juice. When it was all don she finally woke up to the smell of yummy food. She walked toward the table and sat down. I made her a 

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