Alone but together

Katrina thought she was alone because if the whole incident. She runs away from her problems to find herself faced to face with a beautiful boy. This is her story read to find out. ( this is a fan fic with the boys non famous pleas please please comment to tell me what you think) :)


6. Waking up continued

Niall' POV


she woke up and came to the table. I made her a plate with food and set it down in front of her. She ate and even went back for seconds. After what felt like an eternity I broke the ice. " so do you have anywhere to stay?" She shook her head . " do you want to stay here? It gets pretty lonely here and I would like you to stay here with me. What do you say?" "Ok thank you for everything. She came up to me and gave me a hug. This also felt great. When she sat back down I asked her if she had any clothes and she replied with a simple no. " We'll have to go shopping then. There's a mall down the street. Are you up for that? Sheep lid with. Does a one legged duck swim in a circle.... It means yes I would. I started chuckling and told their was a shower upstairs and I could throw her clothes in he was she  agreed and followe me up the stairs

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