Alone but together

Katrina thought she was alone because if the whole incident. She runs away from her problems to find herself faced to face with a beautiful boy. This is her story read to find out. ( this is a fan fic with the boys non famous pleas please please comment to tell me what you think) :)


3. Running

Katrina's P.O.V


i woke up sweating. This incident happened two months ago but it felt like yesterday. I got up from where I slept last night. Oh did I mention because I'm an orphan I am now living in the streets stealing for a living. I walked toward the bakery I get breakfast at when I heard someone behind me. "Hey, Who are you and what are you doing!" It was the fricking baker I got my food from. I sprinted in the opposite direction. I ran and ran until I couldn't hear their footsteps behind me anymore so slowed to a walk. I walked until I realized that I was lost. I found a park bench nearby and since it was getting late I decided to sleep ther for the night. I made my jacket into a small pillow and drifted off into more nighares then the night before.


niall's POV


i was taking a walk when I saw a small skinny figure laying down on the park bench near my house. I walked toward and saw the figure sleeping. I slowly picked Her up and brought her back to my house. I placed her in my bed and went to go make change into sweats and a hoodie. I fell asleep that night listening to her soft breathing. 

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