Alone but together

Katrina thought she was alone because if the whole incident. She runs away from her problems to find herself faced to face with a beautiful boy. This is her story read to find out. ( this is a fan fic with the boys non famous pleas please please comment to tell me what you think) :)


2. It happened, it really did



I was alone it was dark. I was in a crowded room. I looked to my left and saw blood splattered on the walls. To my right was a crime scene. In front if me was two cold, dead bodies. They were lying still lifeless. I wanted to run hide get away. I stared down at the lifeless bodies lying there. I started to cry and run but I couldn't . I couldn't do anything but stare. I woke up sweating and panting still remembering my "dream". But I wasn't a dream, those bodies on the floor were my parents. Murdered at a theater in London. I started to cry because this "dream" happened . It really did.

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