Wolf Island: Meet The Packs

Meet the packs' wolves! Hope u enjoy the series and the great adventures these wolves will go on!xoxox:)


2. Demon

Flame- an orange male wolf with yellow eyes and his orange fur glows in daylight like a fire

Nazza- a silver and white she-wolf with blue eyes

Deathkill- a black she-wolf with red eyes and a scar on her left eye

Razor- a black and red male wolf with red eyes=> Deathkill's father!

Chocolate- a brown male wolf with black eyes and with a white belly with black spots

Midnight- a black and brown she-pup with milky white eyes=>blind

Luna- a snowy white she-wolf with a fluffy tail and deep blue eyes=>Midnight's mother

Poisonfur- a black male wolf with purple mixed into his fur with dark purple eyes as if he was made out of poison

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