Wolf Island: Meet The Packs

Meet the packs' wolves! Hope u enjoy the series and the great adventures these wolves will go on!xoxox:)


1. Deathshadow

Triton- a black male wolf with deep brown eyes and red lightning bolts surounding his eyes

Linda- a white she-wolf with sky blue eyes and a pink nose and ears

Zachary- a gray male wolf with brown eyes

Katie- an orange she-wolf with sky blue eyes

Scar- an orange male wolf with green eyes and scars on his right eye

Tasha- an orange she-wolf with green/blue eyes

Sasha- a red-orange and white she-wolf with dark, forest green eyes

Moonshadow- a black and white male wolf with light blue eyes that glows when he's furious

Warrior- a chestnut male wolf with red eyes and is blind in his right eye from battle so that eye is now white

Riverstone- a white and aqua she-pup with blue/green eyes

Tigerpaw- a tiger-striped male pup with dark brown eyes with both ears scratched up

Healthpaw- a light brown she-wolf with kind, faded, pink eyes with a soft tone in her voice

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