Wolf Island: Meet The Packs

Meet the packs' wolves! Hope u enjoy the series and the great adventures these wolves will go on!xoxox:)


3. Bloodyrage

Kassy- a light gray she-wolf with light green eyes

Blaze- a white and blue male wolf with blue eyes

Mindy- a white and pink she-wolf with pink eyes

Creamer-a white and light brown (almost tanned colored) she-wolf with blue eyes

Swiftpaw- a black and light tanned male wolf with dark brown eyes

Magicstar- a brown she-wolf with light brown stripes and a black tip on her tail with light green eyes

Tia- a white she-pup with purple eyes

Darkfrost- a white male wolf with yellow eyes and black stripes

Peanutbutter- a light brown she-wolf with rich brown eyes and black ear tips and tail tip and white nose and paws

Princeton- a light gray and white male wolf with rich golden eyes and he hardly ever speaks and shows barely any emotion

Ash- a dark brown she-wolf with a black belly and a black tail tip and ears with dark black and brown eyes

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