Goodbye bella

i loved ive lost and now im dead i lived happy for a few year before the boy i fell in love with decided that he was done with me and wanted new he couldnt ust leave he had to leave and replace him with his stupid lies


3. high school

the first year of high school I still remember we were supposed to be at two different high schools but so I could be with her I transferred last minute and the first 2 years were great then half way through grade 11 alt of guys started flirting and hanging out with her I guess it made me so jealous I punched one of the guys so hard in the face I made her cry to a few days of not talking and a day of fighting we were over just like that and I guess it broke my heart and my high school status  I made up a rumor that the only reason we broke up is because she would not stop trying to fuck me that she always  wanted to do is have me around her body and just wanted sex 24/7 and I guess that rumor spread quickly because she never talked to me or any one.

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