Goodbye bella

i loved ive lost and now im dead i lived happy for a few year before the boy i fell in love with decided that he was done with me and wanted new he couldnt ust leave he had to leave and replace him with his stupid lies


2. graduation

A/N just wanna quickly say this is basically harrys p.o.v

a long time ago during 8th grade i loved a girl with short brown hair hazel eyes and and was at an average height but still shorter than me she was cute adorable but the only problem was i was in the friend zone and the friend zone only and the only person who knew i liked her was me not even me closes friends so. one day when i was talking to my friends mason and Leo, Leo just had this sudden secret he had to tell "i like a girl but i don't know if she likes me she refuses to say it so ive been in her friend zone and i cant take it any more" said Leo 'so i told him that when break comes just go up to her and kiss her. And thats what he did he walked right up to my bella and kissed her when a huge smile broke out on her face i was sure to fuck i was angry and crying at the same time and i knew that i had to tell her how i felt as soon as the bell rang at the end of the day i made sure she knew exactly how i felt so she kissed me on the cheek and called me that night we talked for hours and hours so eventually i got the girl of my dreams but i lost a lot of friends for what i did and we were happy together till graduation.

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