Goodbye bella

i loved ive lost and now im dead i lived happy for a few year before the boy i fell in love with decided that he was done with me and wanted new he couldnt ust leave he had to leave and replace him with his stupid lies


1. from the beginning

i knew saying good bye was hard but saying good bye forever was harder. i loved her i really did but i don't think she knew we were happy till i became a jerk now, now shes gone gone forever. because of one choice i made this is all my fault i cry as i'm looking at what would my future girl friend my lover my life my wife and the mother of the girls she wanted is gone because of me and now that i did it i cant take back what i did but i can now regret doing it.



k so i no its really short sorry but im done reading these perfect fan fictions so me and my friend Ali decided that we would make a fan fiction that doesn't end so great is you want to find out what happened to cayla and how she died read on if you want me to make a story what happens before she died and what was harrys little mistake he could have changed then like and all work on it when im done but thanks for reading the prologue if you want me to update any of my movellas then comment on it love 

p.s dont care about you hate 

pps you should fallow my social medias because i love you =0 bye bye :* 

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