1. Flashback (:


I slowly started to get ready, regretting what I had just witnessed. Containing my tears I slowly placed the tank top over my curvy yet ugly, well that's what I say yet the guys... they say different. I slowly unfolded the sweats that were placed on my bed neatly, as I slowly pulled them up.

"Stupid break ups." I mumbled, as I slowly crawled up onto my bed and got under the covers. I got my phone out and checked all the messages that I haven't replied to in the past 3 days. Yea, I guess you could call this a breakup to remember? Or an ugly breakup as some other girls would say.

*From: Kaitlyn- Hey gurl you ok?*

*From: Dani- What happened?*

*From: Jay- Gurl u betta answa one of us gurls before I get my tooshe over der.*

*From: Kaitlyn- Why u no answer me? :(*

*From: Dani- Ugh gurl u irritatin.*

*From: Jay- Im on ma way.*

*From: Logan- What ya cant handle a breakup? Loser.*

You know what Logan? Fuck you. You cheat on me with my ex bestie whats her face im still too irritated to think of her name.

~Doorbell rings~

"Ugh" was the sound that I made before I stood up and made my way down the stairs, missing a stair on my way down, "stupid stair grrr." I slowly opened the door and was embraced into a hug, Jay is here... man she is a fast runner, then again she lives like right across the street.

"Greg told me everything, are you alright?" she asked as she pulled away. Greg, he is her best guy friend, they met randomly in the store when Jay was flirting with him the cashier. Yes I happened to be there and witness the stupid lovey dovey crap.

"Yeah, just fine." I lied, remember to stay single while you can. Being in relationships, can bring complications and maybe cheaters. You just have to trust the right person first.

Oh! How silly of me to forget to introduce myself! Hello loves I am Forever, age 18, and I currently live in the UK, I am the only child, yet my parents have both died in a shooting that randomly happened in the bank. But ya know, that's just what robbers do, although.. this robber got away, he never was found in the 5 years that it has happened.

This is the story how I met... him. My prince charming, my lover, my flirt, the love of my life, also known as what im stuck with at the moment, the friend zone.

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