about a girl who runs away and bumps into a special blue eyed blonde haired boy...
this is my first movella. hope you like it!!!!!!!


2. With mom

Niall's POV

We arrived in Oregon 3 hours ago and I'm hungry.

"hey guys. I'm going to go find some food."

"okay be back soon and don't bring anyone home." Liam joked.

" whatever you say dad" I joked back then left.

I was playing on my phone when I bumped into somebody.

"Hello" I say

"Hi" she says back

"I'm Niall"


AS we get up to say our goodbyes I ask for her number. I hand her my phone then she types her number in. We say good byes then she takes of running again. She is really pretty with her dark skin and dark brown eyes with a hint of sparkle in them. I think I like her.

Vanessa's POV

As I take of running I cant stop thinking about that guy back there. he seems so familiar. My ankle is starting to hurt. I think I might go back to my... you know what, he is no longer my da so I will call him Adam. I think I might go back to Adam. My ankle is really hurting and I am starting to cry. I sit down in the road seeing if someone would run over me. The street wasn't really busy so I will lay here all night until I get run over. All of a sudden I see bright light and hear them honking their horn. 'This is it" I thought I will final get to be with my mother. That is my last thought before everything went black.

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