Why Is It You

Hey I'm Serena Madeline Tarise. Yeah pretty high class name right..well thats because I come from money and lots of but i could care less. So back to my name i dont like being called Serena, so call me Seri. But its not just me There is my best friend Alysia Who likes to be called Aly. In school thats what they call us is Seri and Aly. She comes from lots of money to but we dont act like because all we do rebel against our parents because we dont like being rich we could care less. Then there is my brother who moved away to work as a mechanic for the President. Oh and i forgot we live in America. All me and aly want is to get away from our parents and thats what we plan to. You will see what happens when we do.


7. The Taking

Seri POV


After the concert was over we walked out of the concert hall, we were about to go you our car when i noticed a bunch of big burley guys with lots of tattoos surrounding the car..


"Aly what are we gonna do?" I whispered.


"Walk over there and ask them to move." She replied.




"Relax! ok just stay here!"


She ran over to them.


"Umm excuse me but i would like to move my car please, could you move?." She asked them


"And if we don't?" the asked trying to make them selves look bigger.


"ugh i don't know ill get in it and run all of you over!" she snapped.


we are all gonna die..... 


They all started laughing "Sorry baby but we ain't movin"


"you are all ass wholes!" she said as she walked away and back to me as one of the thugs started walking after her.


"well it looks like we are..HEY GET OFF ME!!" She shouted as the guy grabbed her.


"HEY LAY OFF OF HER!" I shouted. I'm so stupid.


"What did you say girly?'' He said as he held Aly.


"Nothing gotta go bye!" I said as I ran down the street.


I ran as fast as i could, as oxygen was leaving my lungs, making it harder to breathe. I turned my head and the rest of the thugs were after me.


fear instantly slowed me down, but i saw a ladder to the top of an apartment building, I hurled myself on the nearest dumpster to get to the ladder.


As I climbed the ladder, one of the guys grabbed my leg and pulled me down, I had no strength left to struggle.


I saw aly in the arms of one of them out cold, then all of a sudden an arm was wrapped around my neck.


Everything went black.





hey lovely's sorry for the short chapter but at least its something, sorry i haven't written in a while but ill try and write some more <3  bye guys!


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