Why Is It You

Hey I'm Serena Madeline Tarise. Yeah pretty high class name right..well thats because I come from money and lots of but i could care less. So back to my name i dont like being called Serena, so call me Seri. But its not just me There is my best friend Alysia Who likes to be called Aly. In school thats what they call us is Seri and Aly. She comes from lots of money to but we dont act like because all we do rebel against our parents because we dont like being rich we could care less. Then there is my brother who moved away to work as a mechanic for the President. Oh and i forgot we live in America. All me and aly want is to get away from our parents and thats what we plan to. You will see what happens when we do.


4. The choice

Trents POV 


"We aren't so-posed to go home empty handed tomorrow, dad will be pissed" Drake yells over the music.


"I know which is why we get what we need tomorrow morning, everything has been rescheduled."


Me and my brother come from a.. special clan of people. Basically when we turn 18 we take in slaves and well tonight is our night to do so and i got my eye on blondie.


"Drake every girl that's here tonight will go up, all we gotta do is show up on time and take our pick"


"You make it sound easy" he smirks


"thats because it is."


"well might as well take a pre-pick, will walk out with what we want." i say and go scout out the girls.


She is ok. she is pretty but will probably scream to much. Now her, she is it Blonde and defiantly would never care about anything.




I am now loving my life. No annoying parents. No abusive exes. Just me and Seri and nothing to bother me. 


"well how was your rockstar moment?" Seri can and asked.


I gave her a HUGE hug "THE BEST EVER!!!!!"


she just laughed and pulled away.


Suddenly i see the black haired hottie as i turn around. He bumps into me.


"Oh im sorry i wasnt paying attention" i say flustered.


"No no its fine, it was my fault" he smiles at me and i smile back.


"Hehe umm im Aly"


"Trent" we shake hands.


"well it was nice meeting you" i say.


"Oh the pleasure was all mine" he says and walks away.




"Did that really just happen?!" Seri asks


"yes." i say calmly






Trent's POV


she will be worth the money.


"scoping out your prey i see." Drake said.


"yes actually, i found one and you should do the same." i replied.


"how do you know i haven't"


"Well if you have then which one"


"That one." he says as he points to a black haired girl with dark green eyes.


"good choice bro, very nice choice" i smile.


"ok what about you" he asks 


"Blondie over there beside your girl."


"Nice" he smiles 




heey lovelies there is more chapters but some of them are bios. the girls dont look like the cover but there not meant to i guess... BYE :D ;D <3




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