Why Is It You

Hey I'm Serena Madeline Tarise. Yeah pretty high class name right..well thats because I come from money and lots of but i could care less. So back to my name i dont like being called Serena, so call me Seri. But its not just me There is my best friend Alysia Who likes to be called Aly. In school thats what they call us is Seri and Aly. She comes from lots of money to but we dont act like because all we do rebel against our parents because we dont like being rich we could care less. Then there is my brother who moved away to work as a mechanic for the President. Oh and i forgot we live in America. All me and aly want is to get away from our parents and thats what we plan to. You will see what happens when we do.


2. Hey im trent: Bio

 I'm Trent Michelson, i have secrets but everyone does arent i right.


taste in girls- no goodies aloud


Fav  colour- Red


Fav music-doesn't matter


what im looking for is someone who will be easy to break. 

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