Why Is It You

Hey I'm Serena Madeline Tarise. Yeah pretty high class name right..well thats because I come from money and lots of but i could care less. So back to my name i dont like being called Serena, so call me Seri. But its not just me There is my best friend Alysia Who likes to be called Aly. In school thats what they call us is Seri and Aly. She comes from lots of money to but we dont act like because all we do rebel against our parents because we dont like being rich we could care less. Then there is my brother who moved away to work as a mechanic for the President. Oh and i forgot we live in America. All me and aly want is to get away from our parents and thats what we plan to. You will see what happens when we do.


8. Confusion

Seri POV  


I woke up beside Aly, we were both still fully clothed. I can still remember what happened last night but i dont know where i am.


Someone came into the room and threw clothes at us. "Put these on, you cant see them looking like that." i glared at the man "Who exactly is 'them'?'' he just started laughing and left. What the actual fuck.


"Well this could be worse." I say as we put on the clothes. She just ignored me.


"Aly.." i say, she ignores me again. what the actual fuck. 


"Did i do something wrong?"  i ask and them she mumbles something "What?" i ask


"You left me there!" she shouted.


"what are you talking about?" i question.


"When the guy grabbed me you just ran, what if you got away Seri, what would you do then huh?" 


she caught me off guard, i didn't know how to respond to that. "exactly" she says after a moment of silence 


(this is what Alysia wore this http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=92942866 )

(this is what Serena wore http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=92943297 )


The outfits weren't that bad, stayed in our style i suppose.


we opened the door and there was a long hallway, the guy that gave us the close saw us "good you guys are done, follow me" we looked at each other and didn't argue. 


we got to the end of the hallway and we see the guy that talked to aly and the other guy he hung out with...


"Trent?!" Aly asked. 


"Hello Aly, making yourselft at home?" he asks calmly.


"Wait, what?" i ask, next to him i see the guy that trent hung out with, he was cute but him probably being behind all this, is a total turn off.


"we didnt get the pleasure of meeting, my name is drake, i do believe that your name is Serina?'' he said planting a kiss on my hand like a gentleman.


I quickly pulled away my hand. Aly and I glared at the them.


"You need to take me home!" Aly shouted.


"Do you really want to go home to your dredful parents?" drake asked 


what?! how did he know about our parents?


"But, how-" he cut me off.


"we went threw aly's car, her diary, the duffel bags, you make it sound like they are shit holes."


"Cause they are!" I snapped!


Aly looked really worrried, she nudged my arm and pointed to he kitchen. A boy the same age as Drake and Trent biting the neck of a young girl, maybe 14-15... there was blood everywhere. 


"O-oh m-my g-god.." she studdered. "Vampires." she said stunned.


"Darrien you ruined the surprise" Trent laughed.


"Sorry boys, i was hungry" he smiled while hiding his fangs and wiping his face. "Who are they, and what do they taste like?"


"Off limits, and ill find out sooner or later." Drake smirked.


"What's going to happen to us?" I chocked with a tear running down my face.


"Shhh, sweetheart don't cry, nothing bad will happen, you wont dye. You both just need to corroperate." he said wiping the tear from my face and griping my wrist.


Trent was walking toward Aly, as he did do she quickly backed away," No, no, no, please dont hurt me please!" she said with tears streaming down her face. She stumbled back and it looked like she twisted her ankle, uh oh.


"Leave her alone! She's hurt!" I shout at Trent getting free from Drakes grip and running to her. I helped her up and then Trent took her other side, "Leave me alone!" she shouts. He didn't move just picked her up and led her to a room, i ran after him but Drake ended up picking me up and taking me to the another room. We both were kicking and screaming.

















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