best friends to lovers

about a girl and her friends go to their first 1D concert and harry notices her and her friends close to the stage. you will see her journey through love.


3. where everything changes.

   harry devastated by issy's rejection to his kiss, they both left and he took issy home. he said goodnight to issy and walked issy  in to make sure she was okay.

harry:'thank you for tonight...'

issy:im so sorry harry...i...'

harry:'its fine.' he kissed her on her cheek and left.

the next morning he sent her a text...

'hey love,im leaving today to go back to england. gonna miss you anyway. love harry xx'

issy replied...

'enjoy your flight,hope you get there safely. im so sorry harry,i just cant be in a relationship now..'

harry replied...

'its fine, i hope to see you again thou xx'

after a year passed and they became really good friends,issy sat with her friends drinking starbucks hot chocolate..

brandy:'so how are you and mr styles ? has he finally found where you vajayjay is ?"

issy:'OMG brandy not in public ! and no we are just friends...'

brandy:'you mean friends with benefits ?' and he winks at her.

issy:' no !!! just the way where is kristina ? she said she was gonna meet us her..'

brandy:' didnt she tell you ?'

issy:'tell me what ??'

brandy:'she is in ireland with niall.'

issy:'what ??? they are dating now ?'

brandy:'duh,where have you been ? get your head out the gutter child !'

issy:'sorry,ive just been over thinking lately. its bad i know....really ??? niall ??? really ??? wow they move quickly...'

brandy:'haha yeah they do,what have you been over thinking lately ? whats wrong ?'

issy:'its just that....'

issy gets a message from management and anne (harry's mum)....

'please please come to england issy,we need your help and nobody can help harry but you ! please come quick,we have booked your tickets now and your flight is at 7 today please ! from modest.'

'hey my love,my son needs you ! now than ever he wont snap out of drinking and getting wasted please hurry !'

brandy:'whats wrong ? issy ? issy ? ISSY? ISSSSSSSSY?'

issy:'sorry brandy i got to go and pack ! have to be in england tomorrow,leaving now.'

brandy:'where you going ?'

issy:'to england,harry needs me.'

brandy:'everyone is leaving me here ?!?! not fair take me with !'

issy:'how ?'

brandy:'well i'm pretty good at fitting into small places so if you don't take any clothes with ill fit perfectly in your bag..'

issy:'brandy,NO! you aren't going in my bag.'

brandy:'aww come on ill be quite.'

issy:'okay if you be quite and don't make a sound ill think about it'


issy:'ah !'


brandy kept quite while she packed and on the way to the airport too,yep he didn't go.

issy flew to England,it took 12 hours to get to heathrow airport.

she finally landed,got her bags and anne was waiting outside for her.

issy:'aunty anne !!'

anne:'aww my love,so happy to see you again ! gemma and i were saying the other day of how much we missed you' and anne hugged issy tightly.

anne:'well the boys are busy with a concert right now so ill drop you off bye them..'

issy:'arent you gonna stay for the concert ?'
anne:'i cant my dear,i have things to do and finish for work tomorrow.'


anne:'but eleanor and danielle are there to keep you company and so is lou.'

issy:'i missed you so much'

issy gets to the concert and paul escorts her to the dressing room so she can get harrys car keys and to put her bags in his car.

issy:'uncle paul,whats up with harry ? he seems fine.'

paul:'he isnt issy,he keeps drinking and getting drunk. i need you to find out why please if you can.'

issy:'yeah okay, but why me ?he has many other friends ?'

paul:'i tried getting them to ask him but he just says to them that nothing is wrong..'


the boys concert ends and harry sees all the boys hugging and kissing their girlfriends. he smiles at them but issy could see the pain hidden under that smile. he wanted love like they have. he didnt see or notice issy until she stopped him.


harry:'issy ?'

harry:'what you doing here ?' he runs up to her picks her up and hugs her tightly.

issy;'im here to see you babe'

harry;'oh im happy you are here.'

louis:'oh issy is here !!! the pimp is in the house...!!!!'

issy:'haha hey lou'

issy and harry leave,to go to a club and he gets drunk. for the past 3 weeks he gets drunk when she is there and they are all in paris. she finally breaks.

issy:'im sick of this !!!!!!!! just stop harry !!!! just stop !!!!!!!' she puts her head down in shame and cries. everybody looks at her. harry tries to reach out to comfort her but she just shrugs his hand off her back.

issy:' LEAVE ME !!!!!!' she gets up and storms out,he grabs her arm and she tells him again 'Leave me !!!!!!' and cries.

he follows her to her room and goes to her.

harry:'im so sorry issabella. im so so so so sorry. im sorry  about the way i was acting and the drinking and getting drunk. im so sorry. im sorry i hurt you. you dont deserve it,you were just trying to help.'

issy:'get out.'

harry just sat there looking at her the way he always use to.

issy;'get out !'

harry gets up and says 'im sorry issy'.

the boys go to their concert,issy packs her bags while el and dani wait for her. they said they would take her to the concert. issy gripped her bag,put her head down and just cried. el and dani both tried to comfort her.

el:'get dressed my love and lets go'

issy:'but i look horrible !' she said while wiping her tears away.

dani:'nothing a little make up cant fix' and she smiles at issy.

el:'you see what are friends for ?'

issy,dani and el laughed.

they arrived at the venue and issy went to where they always stand. harry was singing his part in 'irresistible' and he couldn't stop looking at her. when the boys had to change issy ran as fast as she could to see him.

harry&issy:'im so sorry' they said together and kissed even thou he was half naked. the boys and the crew clapped. they looked at each other and smiled.

harry:'finally i get my first kiss with you.'

issy:'yeah,there will be plenty more of them'

as she said that he got excited and he just became instantly happier and kept smiling. they went back on stage for the final part of the concert......
























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