best friends to lovers

about a girl and her friends go to their first 1D concert and harry notices her and her friends close to the stage. you will see her journey through love.


2. the next morning

 issabella,kristina,helena and brandy all get followe by the boys.

issabella gets a text the next morning saying.......

"hey babe,hope we can get some starbaucks and walk around town to have a little chat ? meet you at your apartment at 12,love harry xx"

issabella tells her friends what he said.

brandy:"yeah,now i get to tell you..... I TOLD YOU SO ! he obviously likes you...just a fan please...a fan who catch his eye, yes !"

issabella:'he isnt in to me and secondly we are just two people getting starbucks and causally going for a walk and a little chat...."

kristina *coughs*:"bullsh!t"

issabella:"its true ! haha"

brandy:"shes laughing !"
kristina:"shes blushing !"

issabella:"oh shut up !" and she throws a pillow at them.

issabella showers and gets dressed. she puts on her white skinny jeans,with her knee high brown riders boots,wears her brown trench coat,with a long sleeve white tshirt and a cream colour scarf.

brandy:"dont forget your bag deary"

issabella takes her brown leather bag and says to brandy and kristina:"its not a date !" and leaves.

as she walks down stairs she gets a text from harry saying

"im here,waiting to fetch this beautiful lady. harry xx"

she gets to where he is and he has such a big smile on his face. they both hug and start walking.

harry:"so how was your night ?"

issabella:"it was alright when i got back home,i eventually fell asleep in my clothes and brandy put my pjs on. how was your night ?"

harry:'i actually went out yesterday,yeah."

issabella:'dont you ever get lonely or feel lonely ? because you are always going out."

harry:"yeah i guess so,i does get lonely. i mean its nice to see my friends happy with their girlfriends but i would also like someone to share my happiness with and id like a girl i can spoil and show her exactly what she deserves. you know what i mean ?"

issabella*she looks down*:"yeah i know how that feels,to feel alone. its horrible but having crazy friends like mine you wont feel as lonely anymore." she looks at him smiling meanwhile he was already looking at her smiling.

harry:"so why are you in new york ?"

issabella:"im pursuing my dream to become a household fashion designer,i want to be successful."

harry:"ah,fashion. i love fashion. where are you studying ?"

issabella:"NYCU school of fashion, yeah and my friends also go there for their majors."

harry:"thats cool,its good to chase after your dreams."

issabella:yeah i guess so,im ambitious."

harry:"i like a girl with ambition and talent,its sexy."

issabella:"haha,yeah same."

harry:"do you wanna have dinner late and see a movie or go bowling ?"

issabella:"yeah sure ! i havent been bowling in a long time,i was pretty pimp when it came to bowling..."

harry:"oh really ? then you are just gonna have to show me your moves then....pick you up at 7."

they both laugh and he walks her to university.


issabella has lunch with her friends and they are talking about harry.

brandy:"so how are you and Mr Styles hey ???" spill the beans."

kristina:'come on we tell you everything"

issabella:"okay okay,we just spoke and he is taking me to dinner tonight."

Brandy&Kristina:"omg issy,next thing you know it youll be in his pants,pregnant,engaged and married to harry."

issabella:"omg guys,there is nothing thats going to happen and stop planning my future for me haha.."

brandy:"issy and harry sitting in a tree,K.I.S....."

and issy puts food in brandy's mouth before he could finish his sentence...


issabella:"shhhh....well i got to go now and get ready ill see you guys later..."

brandy:"thats if he doesnt take you to the hotel motel..."

issabella:"kristina,shut him up....anyway bye guys love ya !!!!"

issabella showers and gets dressed...she puts on black skinny jeans,a cream colour blouse,a navy blue blazer an her white converse shoes. she puts on a gold bracelet and a gold necklace.

she gets a message saying

"hey babe im on my way,its snowing haha. ill see you now now beautiful <3 harry xx"

she smiles and sits own to wait.

he finally arrives by her apartment 15mins later and knocks on her door. as she hopes the door he gives her white roses.

issy:"they are beautiful harry ! thank you."

harry:"its a pleasure babe" and they hug.

they both walk down to the car where he opens the car door and closes it for her once she is in.

issabella:"what a gentleman styles."

harry:"thank you,my mom raised me right."


they go to a restaurant,not fancy but perfect for them.

they order food and chat about love,life and relationships.

he tries to kiss her when they leave but she just moves away too quickly.

they go to the bowling alley.

issy:'okay i forgot how to play...'

he laughs and stands behind her holding onto her arm to wing the bowling ball. while he is teaching her and explaining the point of the game,she cant help jut gaze at his beauty.

harry:'there we go !''

issy still locked in her own mind,gazing at him.

harry:'yes !'

issy snaps out of it quickly and starts cheering with harry. they hug and they part slowly and gaze into each others eyes. they both see the passion and love in each others eyes. he moves his head closer to kiss her and she pulls away again.

issy:"im so sorry,i cant. i just cant do this."

she sits down.

harry:'do what ? kiss me ? whats wrong ? is it me ? my breath ? do i stink ?"

issy laughs and says:"no you dont stink,its not that."

harry:'then what ?"

issy:' i just want to be friends..."

harry looks at her devastated.........TO BE CONTINUED.......










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