best friends to lovers

about a girl and her friends go to their first 1D concert and harry notices her and her friends close to the stage. you will see her journey through love.


1. the concert

 Issabella:" im so excited for the concert tonight,wonder what i should wear and im so glad this time my skin looks much better than it did before"

 Brandy:" haha of course,but you look good in anything plus you always know what to wear. im super excited to see my sexy zayny-pooh"

 *kristina and issabella look at brandy confused and laugh*

 Kristina:" Zayny-pooh ???? hahahaha"

 Brandy:"yes so what ??"

 Issabella:"aww brandy i think its adorable babe ! you are just too cute and kristina stop being mean. haha "

 brandy:"anyway when are we going to fetch helena ?"

 Issabella:"she also has a fashion criss,so she went shopping. she told me earlier that she will meet us here."

 brandy:"okay,do you guys want tea so long while you fix your fashion criss ?"

 issabella&kristina:"YES please!!!"

 issabella and kristina both go to the bedroom to figure out what they are going to wear. kristina,brandy,helena and issabella all go to university and they live together in an apartment in New York.

 Issabella(18) is the main character. her likes are music,fashion,she likes skater boys and she is a fashion major. she likes guys with dark hair and light eyes. she doesnt like guys when they spit,when they are disrespectful to girls and when the are not polite in female company. she also doesnt like dishonesty,cheating and no communication. she prefers the company of older people than people her own age because she gets along better with older people. (she has green eyes and chocolate brown hair,athletic figure,tan,tall)

 Kristina(18) is issabellas high school friend. she likes music,crime and surfer boys and she is a law major. she likes guys with blonde or dark hair with light eyes. she has very high expectations when it comes to men and doesnt trust easily. she doesnt know how to express her emotions. (grey eyes,blonde hair and a boy shaped figure,short,pale)

 Brandy(22) is issabellas best friend from LA. he likes music,fashion,he likes boys and he is fashion editor major. he likes any type of guy as long as they treat him like a princess. he doesnt like liars,cheaters and people who dont make an effort to stay in his life.(brown eyes and dark brown hair,tan,tall and slender)

 Helena(22) is issabellas family friend and they have been friends since issabella was 8. she loves kings of leon,music,art and she likes punk rock type of boys. she goes for guys that have a punk rock look with the dark hair and light eyes. she also doesnt know how to express her emotions. major in art and business.(hazel eyes,red hair,short,tan,pear shaped)


2 hours later


 Helena:"guys im back and i have clothes !!"

issabella and kristina come out their room.

 Issabella:'finally ? ha ive finally decided what im wearing.

 Kristina:" so have i and im looking pretty good for to night"

 helena :" well i bought shin high combat boots,black skinny jeans,a black leather jacket and a red scarf so i have some colour in this outfit."

 issabella:"nice i like it very kings of leon. anyway i am going to wear my highwaisted jeans with a white blouse,my brown leather jacket,my brown combat ankle boots and ill just put a cream colour scarf on."

 Kristina:"im gonna wear my black leather jacket...."

 issabella:"liar we all know its your moms jacket.."

 helena and brandy laugh....

 kristina:ha ha ha funny...anyway i was saying my leather jacket with my black levi sneakers,my top with the british flag on it and wear my grey skinny jeans."

 brandy:"those all sound amazing,would you like to also drink your tea maybe ? its getting cold haha"

 they all laugh...

 kristina:"what are you wearing brandy ?"

 brandy:"im going to wear my black skinny jeans,my tomy shoes,my white scarf,my blue t-shirt that says "i want zayn's gravy" and a grey hoodie."

 they all go shower,get dressed,put make up on(not looking like a crayon raped their face,natural thou) and got all their tickets and left in issabellas black range rover that has red brakes and black rims.

they get to the arena and brandy posts a picture of the stage on instagram saying

"@brandyofficial with my girls waiting the arrival of @onedirection !!!! cant wait,too excited !!!xxx"

brandy:"i wonder if harry is going to sneak issabella back stage and give it to her good ? im joking but i hope he gives you his number and actually notices you."

issabella:"please brandy there is like ten million other girls starstruck over him,why in the universe will he pick me anyway ? lets get real now. im just a fan,a normal girl living her life and trying to make herself known in the fashion world and she her ideas of clothes to the world. plus he is super famous."

 kristina:"so ? you dont look at the fame and fortune. we all know you well enough to know you look within a person and what they own or have. you love us for us so why dont you think you will love him for him or him love you for you. anything can happen."

helena:" i agree with brandy and kristina,you never know you might be the one and only Mrs Styles"

issabella laughs and looks at the arena filling up and she says:"dont be ridiculious."


harry posts on twitter...

"finally at the MSG arena again,im so happy we can this far. excited for tonight !!!xx @louis_tomlinson @zaynmalik @niallofficial @real_liam_payne."

niall posts on twitter...

"MSG again !!! a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!! @real_liam_payne @zaynmalik @louis_tomlinson @harry_styles"


the opening performers perform and then 1D comes on and performs. all issabella can think about is what kristina and brandy were talking about,harry of course. during the song "stand up" he points to issabella when he says "you can call me a thief...."

brandy,kristina and helena looks at Issabella and their jaws drop because Styles cant keep his eyes off her.

at the end of the concert a security guard goes to issabella and her friends to tell her that the boys are want them backstage. they all walk to the dressing room and lou is hanging their clothes up while harry is playing with lux and the other boys are getting ready to leave. when harry sees issabella for the first time he gets up and says "hi my name is harry" all the boys introduce themselves and so does issabella and her friends.

Louis:"issabella harry ;)"

harry laughs at louis...

Harry:"so did you guys enjoy our concert ?"

liam:"i hope you did ?"

brandy keep staring at zayn...

zayn:"nice t-shirt brandy" and smiles.

brandy:"thank you." and he blushes.

issabella:'yes thank you harry and liam,we really enjoyed it. it was amazing !"

Kristina:"your voices are insanely beautiful ! especially you niall" she winks at niall.

helena:"it was amazing but i am to go,my boyfriend is waiting for me outside,love you guys " she hugs everyone and leaves.

 issabella:"bye babe,drive safe. love you !"

helena:"love you too"

the boys all take their numbers and say they will make plans to see them tomorrow.

louis posts on twitter..

"great concert. what an amazing crowd !!!!"

issabella posts on twitter..

"what a great night with my best friends @brandyofficial @kristi2424 @helenadw95"






tell me what you think of the first chapter babes xx















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