best friends to lovers

about a girl and her friends go to their first 1D concert and harry notices her and her friends close to the stage. you will see her journey through love.


4. give it to me

 issy and harry leave the concert and head straight to his home. he takes her out the car and puts her down to close the door. he pushes her against the wall and starts kissing her. he goes to her neck and places rough kisses on her neck. he lifts her up so she could wrap her legs around him. he takes her to the bedroom. the sheets were white and the duvet was black and silver and there were red pillows on the bed. he put her on the bed, took his off and kissed her neck again. she stopped him so she could take her top off. he started kissing her down her stomach. unbuttoned her pants and took them off. she pushed him onto his back and got on top of him. she started kissing him just under his ear on his neck and he easily lost control. he loved that spot. she started kissing down his stomach to take off his pants. she sat on his lap and he sat up and undid her bra and he pull it off with his teeth. she ripped his favourite briefs but he didnt care because she was in control. she went down on him and gave him a bj, as she sucked harder the louder his groans got. he grabbed all the sheets. she went back up licking his stomach up to his chest and kisses his neck again. he turned her over on her back,now he is in control. he went down and kissed her inner thigh. he started tracing upwards to her neck again,even thou he was all about condoms and not taking the risk. tonight they both didnt care. he ripped er underwear off and slowly entered her. she moaned softly in his ear. he thrust faster and harder in her, his motivation was her moans and his goal was climax. they were on going taking turns who was on top of who. it lasted quite along time until they got tired.

they were both out of breath and looked at each other,kissed and smiled. issy cuddled up to harry and put her head gently on his chest and fell asleep to the soothing sound of his heart beat going from fast to slow. harry kissed her on her forehead to say goodnight but she was already alseep.


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