Two Voices

“Being adopted should have been the best feeling of my life. But it felt nothing like it.”

Separated from their mothers only seconds after they first met. Mabel and Bridget became best friends over their passion to find their lost parents. They bonded over the discovery of their inhuman abilities and formed a somewhat inseparable relationship. When they discover the origin of their tragic past, they are willing to do anything to get their lives back.


3. Peace through song?



Things had been different when Mabel and me arrived. At least that’s what the doctor said. They said they’d never seen a pair of kids so peculiar and that he felt bad for the fact that we might never see our parents again. Even though I was a ten month old baby, I still knew my mum and how they had separated us at my birth. I knew that she wanted me the second she saw me and I saw her and that she was desperate to whisk me away to her home. My home. I might have never seen her again because of them. How could the doctors have been so cruel?

I played with Mabel every day we were in that play room. We always tried putting our hands together and seeing if we would make earth like we did the first time. We always did! It was like we were superhuman.

I always wished something exciting would happen in that hospital. Every day seemed to be the same. We had breakfast then we played then we had lunch then we played then we had dinner then we played then we went to bed. It hardly ever changed. Then one day they gave us something special.

The day a music group that came to perform for us I was sure I found my human talent.

“Okay kids!” a nurse cooed, “There is a special group of people coming to sing you today. Make sure you are on your best behaviour!”

The kids didn’t seem to care. They just kept playing with their dolls and sucking their thumbs.

The group arrived moments later. Their leader was a tall, dark girl. She looked like she was around 18 and was carrying a huge, beige guitar. There were girls with thick weaves and tinted lipsticks chatting and giggling behind her. They gave sympathetic looks over their shoulders as they got ready to perform. I wanted to stick my tongue out at them. I bet they had normal lives, parents who were always there for them, a home that never changed. A life that wasn’t spent in the lonely shadows. The envy was only just bearable.

They stood in the play room corner and began to sing. Their voices cascaded around the room and despite their thick uniform and overdone makeup, I felt like I was singing with them. Like I was being freed from the life I was living then. Like I would have to suffer again. It’s so weird how things like that can never happen!

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