Two Voices

“Being adopted should have been the best feeling of my life. But it felt nothing like it.”

Separated from their mothers only seconds after they first met. Mabel and Bridget became best friends over their passion to find their lost parents. They bonded over the discovery of their inhuman abilities and formed a somewhat inseparable relationship. When they discover the origin of their tragic past, they are willing to do anything to get their lives back.


4. Adoption



I was woken up by a nurse. I could tell she was in a rush. Her cap was lopsided and she was speeding around the room, writing on tons of paper and chatting to some people. She kept glancing at me and every time she did, her eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t understand why she was crying. I was fine. I had been the whole month! Then I saw the people at the door and the penny dropped.

I was being adopted. The family were going to take me away from the hospital. They were going to make me let go of the hospital milk, the hospital toys, the hospital beds and worse of all… they were going to take me away from Bridget. The only person who meant something to me.

“She’s beautiful!” I heard the woman whispered, her icy fingers lightly gliding over my cheek.

“She’s definitely one of a kind.” The man said.

He tried to pick me up but I shifted out of his reach. My heart was beating rapidly as I tried to break out of the tight blanket the nurse had covered me in. I had to find Bridget. I had to get her to protect me from the couple. To keep us together.

I saw Bridget from the corner of my eye. She was sad too. I could sense it. She was being carried by a different lady who was surrounded by four other kids. One was holding her hand and shaking it. Bridget had tears staining her eyes and her gaze was fixed on me.

“They want me only.” I heard her voice cry even though her mouth didn’t move, “They want me to live with them.”

“I don’t want you to leave.” I replied, “You’re the only one who gets me.”

She didn’t get to say anything else. The family suddenly walked out of the room and Bridget was gone. Like she was never there in the first place.

As my new adoptive family lifted me up and carried me away, I looked around for something. Anything that I could use to remember Bridget by. And then I saw it and I smiled. The gently bright glimmer of a flame trail.

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