Two Voices

“Being adopted should have been the best feeling of my life. But it felt nothing like it.”

Separated from their mothers only seconds after they first met. Mabel and Bridget became best friends over their passion to find their lost parents. They bonded over the discovery of their inhuman abilities and formed a somewhat inseparable relationship. When they discover the origin of their tragic past, they are willing to do anything to get their lives back.


13. A Close Call



I started to panic. My heart was flipping over as I heard someone walking around underneath us and fumbling about. I looked over at Scarlett. My eyes were searching her for some sort of way to escape. She was just sitting there. Her eyes were clenched together and she made no contact with me whatsoever. We’d been doing this for three years and she’d never thought of an escape route if anyone in the house came back. My eyes brimmed with tears. We were going to be in so much trouble.

I heard the footsteps walk into the kitchen where we had left the window open so we could get out. I heard the person suddenly yell and charge around downstairs. He was looking for us. I knew that robbing that house was a bad idea!

Scarlett and I barely made a peep of a noise as the man started stomping upstairs in a rage and bursting the doors open. The sound of the doors slamming came closer and closer until the door burst open and a red faced man glared at us sitting on his bed.


Scarlett barely moved as the man dialled the number and told on us. He turned to Scarlett.

“Right!” he said, “What have you taken?”

He reached out for her bag and tried to wrench it out of her hand. She clung to it. Desperate to keep the money she had taken.

The man started to scratch her hand to get her to let go. Scarlett barely blinked as he lashed out at her hands. Then I saw the long line of blood trail down her chocolate skin. And then I lost my temper.

“LEAVE HER ALONE YOU IDIOT!” I yelled, my voice a high shriek of anger.

“What makes you think a little kid like you would make me…?”

He stopped right in his tracks and stared. Scarlet looked up and gasped. Even her sudden call back to reality didn’t stir me. I lifted up my hand and saw the flames flickering around it. Good. That should have put the old man in his place.

“Leave my sister alone,” I said with a voice of newly found bravery, “Don’t even think about touching her again.”

He stepped away from Scarlett, his face a new wave of fear and shock.

“Now let us go back home,” I said, “Don’t tell anyone we were even here! And when the police arrive, don’t say a word about us. And never ever talk about us. To anyone! Understand?”

Scarlett gawped at me in amazement as the man led us down his stairs and reopened the window so we could go back home. She had never seen my fire powers. She never knew I had them. I never even knew I could use them like that. The last time I lashed out at someone with them was the night I was born when I scared that nurse by letting fire blaze out of me. It felt quite scary using them again. But at least I saved me and Scarlett from a criminal record.

Scarlett climbed out of the window and helped me climb out. I had stopped the fire from seeping out of me yet she was still stunned silent as we slipped back through the streets and into our flat. We slid back into our bedroom just as Fake Mum’s alarm clock began to ring.

“Why did you not tell me you had powers?” she slowly asked.

I said nothing and walked over to my bed. I was still wearing my shirt and jeans but getting changed would make too much noise so I climbed into my bed and looked at the ceiling.

“I always wanted to tell you,” I explained, “But I was afraid you wouldn’t understand if I did. I thought you wouldn’t like me because I had something that wasn’t normal.”

“Why would you think that? I knew you weren’t normal the day you talked to me when you were practically one year’s old!”

I stayed silent. I guess she would have understood me if I had told her before. I was just afraid to accept that I wasn’t like any other child. I had fire powers that I could control and use for my own benefit. I should have been basking in happiness!

But there was a hole in my heart where my real family should have been. Even though Scarlett was the best sister I’d ever had, I’d always longed to meet my real family. I’d always wondered if my real mum had children before me and if she did, where were they now. Had they been left to fend for themselves like me? Did they have powers like me? I wondered if I had real younger siblings. Did I have a younger brother as annoying as Daniel and David or a little sister as seemingly sweet but mentally destructive as Millie? Not knowing made me ache inside.

“I’m sorry I never told you,” I said, “Can we please just be friends again?”

Scarlett sighed and sat on her bed.

“We aren’t friends,” she whispered, “We’re sisters!”

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