Feel the music

Hey not sure what category this is yet so its in other for now.. *START* All my life Ive been bullied for being that weird artsy type of girl.. But really my dream isnt much different to many girls' they just dont want it anymore. Im going to be a singer against all the odds but people bully me for it but this isnt the end its only the start..


1. Bullied for dreaming

Hi there Im Kathryn Rose Brighton but call me Kathryn? Im just your average 15 year old american who goes to high school in Tennessee but I have a big dream of being a singer which is the reason for my being bullied. But thats just me.

I run out the front door as Im going to be late for the school bus but I reach it just on time and settle into a seat in the middle of the bus. Not too close to the nerds, not too close to the populars, perfect.

I put my red headphones on and 'dear Maria, count me in' comes on from 'all time low' , ahh this is the best song EVER. Someone sat next to me. One of the populars here to annoy me again, probably, cant they just let me have one nice moment in the morning and then annoy me for the rest of the day? Please, just one minute off!

I turn my head ready to look in disgust at the creature next to me but Im wrong.. Its a young, new boy. I feel kinda bad now but dont show my feelings.

"Well hello there, Im Louis and who would you be?" He says in a gorgeous accent, british maybe?

"H-Hi Im Kathryn."

"Hello then Kathryn--"

He was cut off by the barbie dolls shouting over at us.

"EWW LOUIS DONT TALK TO THAT LITTLE WANNABE! Come sit with us!" They yelled.


"Come on!!" They yell.

He gives me one more apologetic glance over his shoulder as he walks to the back of the bus where all the barbies and jocks were sat.

Argh!! Im so annoyed! Why cant they let me have any friends? Every time someone speaks to me they always get involved and no one talks to me again!

What is their problem with me?

Why do they bully me just because I dare to dream?




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